Moving day is nearing and it’s time to think wardrobe! Your moving day outfit can make the difference between moving comfortably and slowly torturing yourself! (Think :  lifting a box in an itchy wool sweater!)  Below, we’ll share some of the most important tips for deciding what to wear on moving day starting with the basics. And always remember, comfort is key. This is one time where fashion conventions can be dismissed.


When you’re moving, one of the most important things to remember is to wear protective footwear! Fully enclosed shoes will not only help to protect against injury from dropped items (it’s bound to happen), but they’ll also keep you from getting tripped up during the walk to and from the moving truck when you’re unpacking. Tennis shoes and boots are both great choices.

TIP: Do not wear shoes that are very important to you. You never know what to expect on moving day, and at the very least should plan for normal wear and tear.

what to wear

We love the ones on the right, but they aren’t sensible for moving. Photos by: L- Magnus D, R- || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||


You will be spending a lot of time in the car or moving truck driving to your new home, followed by a lot of moving around once you arrive. Choose a flexible and breathable fabric that moves with your body, and select a style that you are most comfortable in. Cropped pants or jeans (with comfortable footwear) are usually a safe bet.

TIP: Moving day brings plenty of bending over, squatting down and the like. It’s best to plan for comfort by wearing loose-fitting pants or shorts.

what to wear

Skirts are great, but moving day is about comfort. Jeans:, Skirt:


Layers are a lifesaver when you’re moving. During the drive for example, you may get chilly (especially if you are moving during the winter or in a cool climate). But, once you get moving- carrying boxes back and forth into the house- you’ll probably get warm. It helps to have a pullover sweater or zip-up jacket that you can tie around your waist once the blood gets flowing.

TIP: Consider an extra layer for protection when and if you are doing something especially dirty or messy.

What to Wear Moving Day

These are both great examples of how easy it is to layer-up so that you will be comfortable all day. Photos:

Sun Protection

Apply SPF in the morning before you set off on your move. Not only will you be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays throughout your drive (through windows of the vehicle), but also during your trips in and out of your new home. Have a hat available for the time spent moving your furniture in, because even your scalp can get sunburned.

TIP: Waterproof sunscreen will last longer, and will stay put if you work up a sweat. Reapply as directed.

What to Wear on Moving Day

Sun protection is very important to a comfortable move. Photos: L- Jessica Wilzig, R- Jenn Durfey.


Do you have favorite gear for moving day? Let us know what has worked for you below in the comments section!

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    this really helped me with my move

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