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We want to make it easy to move in with someone. Photo: RLHyde on Flickr

Getting a roommate for the first time? Moving in with your significant other? If not done right, moving  in with someone can be a minefield of things gone wrong, ending friendships and relationships. If you are used to living by yourself or your parents, you will need to make some changes, and these tips should help to make it easier for you.

Your Possessions – You have your furniture and decor that you love. Remember the person you are moving in with does too. You may have places all to yourself where your taste can reign supreme, but you will definitely have shared spaces  where you will need to make compromises and work together. When you are deciding what goes where, try to be reasonable and fair. Know when to pick your battles. You can stand your ground on items you think are important, but be sure to make concessions to your new roommate as well.

The Rules – Decide upon a set of guidelines that you can both agree upon before you move in together. When is it too late for loud music? Are you OK with house guests? Do you each buy and eat your own food, or are sharing whatever is in the refrigerator? The more things you can agree about before hand, the better off you are.

The Bills – Not everyone’s financial situation or level of responsibilities are the same. Issues of money can be especially divisive, so you will want to make sure that everything is crystal clear beforehand. However you decide to distribute the costs, it should be written out in a budget for household expenses that both of you understand and agree with. Be extra careful with your lease or other accounts that have your name on it. If the person you move in with neglects to pay a bill with your name on it, it will negatively effect your credit.

Dividing up chores

It is always a good idea to clean up after yourself. Photo: kbcannon on Flickr

The Chores – Different people find different levels of cleanliness acceptable, but in any home there are chores that need to be done. A good rule of thumb, whether you are living alone or with others is to clean up after yourself. Be considerate of the others that will be using the space. For other regular maintenance and chores you should sit down with your new house mate and decide how often specific chores need to be done, and how that work can be fairly divided.

Communication – Communication is really the basis of all types of relationships. It is particularly important when you are living with someone. When you move in with someone you need to have open lines of communication with them. We named a couple of areas that are issue prone, but life isn’t always great about falling into pre-determined categories, and good communication is helpful for whatever problems are thrown at you. If you are angry or upset over something, don’t just sit there and let it get worse. Instead discuss it with the other person.

It can be a challenge to move in with someone. When you are living with someone day in and day out, small things quickly turn into big problems. There are many issues that you should address before you ever even reserve the U-Haul. For the rest you have to rely upon your communication skills. With these tips hopefully you can make your own good luck for your new living situation.

Do you have any special tips for someone getting a roommate or house-mate for the first time? Let us know below in the comments.

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