included in my moving truckIt’s easy to get confused about what’s included in your moving truck rental when you rent a moving truck, because every moving company is slightly different. Here, we’ll tell you what is likely included when you rent a moving truck.

What’s included in my moving truck rental? Although rates will vary from one company to another, your truck rental will probably be structured in one of two ways depending on the type of move.

Type #1: Local Move

A flat fee for truck + mileage fee: A flat fee for the truck rental itself, depending on the size you choose, plus a rate per mile. Therefore, your total cost will vary; depending on how many miles you travel in total. This rate structure is common for in-town, or local moves. Not all companies will charge a mileage fee, and instead may charge a flat rate. Be sure to compare the estimated total cost of the price with mileage to the flat fee in order to decide which will be a better value. Keep in mind convenience of location as well, as not all companies may be located in your city.

Here’s an example: If I want to move to a new home in Phoenix, AZ, then I begin by selecting the truck size I want for my move (This PDF from NAVSUP will give you a better idea of how much cubic feet you will need). Then, I pick it up at a nearby location I chose. I complete my move in as few trips as possible (since I am being charged by the mile). Then, I return the truck to the same location once finished. I will be charged the flat rate for the truck, plus the cost of mileage, depending on how many miles I traveled in total (find out how to estimate the mileage fees for your move).

included in my moving truck


 This example from includes a flat rate for a 10-foot truck, and a standard rate for each mile. Prices will vary depending on company, location and season.

Type #2: One Way Move

All Inclusive, including truck + allowed days & miles: A flat fee will include the truck, plus an allocated number of days and miles to make the trip from point A to point B. The company will usually estimate the time that it will take to make the trip based on distance (this is typically a generous estimate), and you will be charged one, all inclusive price. This rate structure is most common for moves to another city. If you exceed the allotted distance or time, you may incur additional fees.

Here’s an example: If I am moving from Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles, CA, I begin by choosing the truck size I want and provide  my start and destination point. Next, I will receive a quote that allows me a specific number of days and miles to make the trip (below). Here, I will be paying $257 (plus tax), and will need to return the truck in Los Angeles within three days.

included in my moving truck

 This example from includes a 10-foot truck, and the trip from Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles, CA. You can see they are estimating how many miles and days this trip will take. Prices will vary depending on company, location and season. 

What’s not included?

There are several other things you may need for your DIY move that are not included in the truck rental. Here are some examples:

✓ Gas: the cost of gas is is not included in the rental package. You will need to refill the tank in the moving truck at your own expense. Most times, you will be required to return the truck with the same amount of gas in it as there was when you picked it up.
✓ Moving supplies; boxes, tape, labels, etc.
✓ Moving pads in order to protect your furniture and appliances during the move,
✓ A utility dolly to make moving heavy pieces of furniture easier on youur back
✓ Moving help, if you need an extra set of hands (or several).

If you want more information on the truck rental process, check out our other blog post, How to Rent a Moving Truck.

Do you have any questions about what’s included in a typical moving truck rental? Let us know below in the comment’s section!

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18 Responses to What’s Included In My Moving Truck Rental?

  1. pamalia flaherty says:

    Do you have small used trucks 14 ft for sale

  2. Jeff says:

    As a local Uhaul rental sales dealer am I required to collect and pay sales tax to my local state?

    • Toni J says:

      Hi Jeff,

      We’ve reached out to someone in U-Haul Dealer support to get you an answer. They will send you an email at the email you listed in your response. Thanks, ~Toni

  3. Danilo says:

    Why is price different from one way trip to an intown daily price I have considered mileage on truck rentals

    • Paige E says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. Typically, most In-Town moves are an estimated 50 miles or less. U-Haul charges per mile for In-Town moves, which means picking up and returning to the same location of pick up. For example if you are picking up and returning to Phoenix, AZ, you will be charged for the moving truck starting from $19.95-$39.95 plus mileage. Whereas, if you are moving One-Way, you would pay for the moving equipment, however, you will be given days plus miles to complete your move depending where you are moving to/from.

  4. Lynn Stone says:

    Is tax included in the rental rates? I am moving from NC to FL.

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Lynn, tax is not included in the rate. Tax is determined by each individual city and state. Most tax rates are between 6-10%.

  5. kenneyboy says:

    If I do a one way move, I don’t return my truck to the starting point, do I? I move from Cleveland to Chicago. Then, I drop the truck in Chicago to Uhaul, right?

  6. Amy Niehouse says:

    Total cost including fees & tax?

  7. kelly says:

    How long do u get to keep the truck for on a local move? If u rent it on a Saturday wpuod Sunday be considered a free day to keep the trucknreturning it on a Monday because you are closed on Sundays???

  8. Bekky says:

    We are moving from California to Utah. I want to verify that the miles are included in the cost of the U-Haul.

  9. Kevin Bayne says:

    I’m moving on a wed from MD to NC 1 way, do i have to stop at weigh stations? I know there closed on Sunday’s but that day is not optional to me. The lady I spoke to from uhaul was not sure. Any help is very much appreciated. Ty

    • Paige says:

      Hi Kevin, thank you for contacting us regarding your upcoming move. Typically, U-Haul customers are not required to stop at weigh stations since the items being transported are household goods and not commercial items. I would recommend checking any available state website in advance to see if there are any requirements along your route.

  10. Ken Pagani says:

    I need to travel from canton ohio to warren mi to pick up some furniture. Is there a rental plan with unlimited miles available for this?

    • Paige says:

      Ken, Unfortunately U-Haul does not offer an unlimited mile rentals, best bet would be to use a cargo trailer if you have a tow vehicle as there is no mileage charges on a trailer. Or you can call 1-800-GOUHAUL and see about getting an Extended Rental with a Cargo Van or Pickup Truck which will have a much lower mileage rate.

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