moving truck rampUsing a moving truck ramp sounds like a really simple task—and it is! But, if it’s your first time renting a moving truck, using the ramp may be a complete mystery to you. I’ve heard stories about how people moved their entire home and didn’t realize their moving truck had a ramp. I’d hate for anyone to go through the same exhausting fiasco. So, here are some tips to help make the task an easier and smoother process.

First, you’ll want to make sure you’re renting a truck with a ramp. Be sure to check the deck height of your rental truck. You’ll want a truck with a lower deck height than a regular freight truck. U-Haul trucks are lower to the ground than most rental trucks and are proven to be 50 percent easier to load.

moving truck ramp in place

Moving truck ramp securely hooked to truck deck.

5 Simple Steps for Using a Moving Truck Ramp:

  1. Open the rear door of the moving truck.
  2. Push down on the latch that keeps the ramp securely under the truck and pull the ramp out slightly.
  3. Use the straps on the ends of the ramp to slowly and carefully pull the ramp out until it is fully extended.
  4. Gently set the ramp on the ground. Watch your toes!
  5. Grab both sides of the ramp near the rear of the truck and lift up. You will see two hooks. Place these hooks over the slots on the truck deck to secure the ramp in the loading position. This will create a smooth transition from the ramp to the truck deck.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to use a moving truck ramp.

Once the ramp is in place you’ll want to follow some simple guidelines.

  • When loading goods on the truck using a utility or appliance dolly, walk backwards up the ramp.
  • Make sure you can see clearly while walking up the ramp and that your view isn’t obstructed by whatever you’re carrying.
  • Don’t let children play on the ramp. Have a friend or family member watch them while you load and unload your truck, if possible.

Once the loading process is complete, follow these steps to secure the ramp before driving.

moving truck ramp latch

Moving truck ramp in place with latch.

  1. Unhook the ramp from the moving truck deck.
  2. Using the straps at the end of the ramp, lift the ramp level with the truck and walk it approximately halfway back under the truck.
  3. Give the ramp a good shove, and it should slide all the way back under the truck.
  4. Check that the ramp latch is secure.
  5. Close the rear door of the moving truck and, if needed, secure it with a lock.

Follow these simple steps for using a moving truck ramp and the loading and unloading of your belongings should be a whole lot easier!

Have you used a moving truck ramp before? We’d love to hear how using a truck ramp made your move easier. Tell us your moving story in the comment section below.

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27 Responses to How To Use a Moving Truck Ramp

  1. Allen says:

    I would like to purchase one of your moving truck ramps. hOW CAN i?

  2. jim says:

    just rent the truck and accidently lose the ramp… :)boom

  3. Larkin says:

    How much weight can your ramps handle? We have some very heavy furniture that will be carried up the ramp by two adults.

  4. Randy Speight says:

    what is the width of the loading ramp? I need to move a riding lawn mower with my household goods

    • Jennifer W says:

      Hi Randy! Good question. Our 15-, 17- and 20-foot U-Haul trucks are equipped with ramps that measure 26 inches (2 feet, 2 inches) wide. Our 24- and 26-foot trucks have ramps measuring 31 inches (2 feet, 7 inches). If you have any other questions about the dimensions of our trucks, please visit

      • nobody says:

        since when is 2 feet equal 48 inches? are you slow?

        • Jennifer W says:

          I apologize for being slow. I’m messing things up as fast as I can. (That’s a joke.) Also, it really depends on the size of the feet. (Also a joke.) If you can’t laugh about your mistakes, then what’s the point in making them? Right? Thanks so much for pointing out my error. I’ll correct that in my comment above. And, thanks for reading. Have a great day!

  5. Greg says:

    How Long are the ramps on each truck?

  6. Laurie says:

    Can the ramp be completely removed from the truck? I’m moving a piano and might need a ramp to get it into my new house.

  7. JC says:

    I need to move a piece of furniture approx 45 inches high weight approx 250 lbs. I need to move it myself. Can I use the van for this and are ramps useable with the vans. 5’2″ female. Not particularly strong but determined!

    • Jennifer W says:

      Hi, JC! Since our U-Haul cargo vans don’t have ramps, and the ramps on our trucks are not detachable, I would recommend renting our 15-foot moving truck. This is the smallest U-Haul truck with a loading ramp. Another option would be renting a trailer with a ramp, if you have a vehicle that has towing capabilities. If neither of these options work for you, you could rent the cargo van and get Moving Helpers to help you with loading and unloading. If you decide to move your furniture alone, please make sure you take advantage of a furniture or utility dolly. Good luck, lady! I admire your determination.

  8. Evelyn says:

    I need to move a spinet piano from my house into my daughter’s pick up. Can I rent the ramp or will the ramp work from the pickup bed? Or, maybe I could load the piano from the uhaul and from there into the pickup…

  9. Jimmyjordan says:

    On my slide out ramp the guide which slides down the trac as you pullout the ramp is missing how and where can I purchase one

  10. April says:

    Do the enclosed trailers have ramps?

  11. David says:

    I plan on using a 15′ truck to transport a piano. My home is about 3 feet up off the ground, similar to the level of the truck bed. When I pull out the ramp, can I rest it at the foot of my front door creating a somewhat level bridge directly into the truck? Or must the ramp be set down at an angle only?

  12. Joe says:

    I’m planning to use a 26′ UHaul box truck and am wondering about David’s question too. Is it acceptable to rest the loading ramp on another surface to create a ‘bridge’ instead of resting it on the ground? I want to move a bunch of heavy items and thought it would be easier to use this ‘bridge’ rather than go down a few steps and back up the loading ramp. I’ve looked at the online manual and video and there is no mention of using the loading ramp as ‘bridge.’ Thanks.

    • Timothy says:

      Hey Joe, for the ramp to lock safely in place it should be on an incline, so we recommend you only use it as a ramp, not a bridge. If you have any further questions let us know!

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