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Moving with a cargo van is a great option for your move that many people may overlook. Not everyone lives in massive 6+ bedroom mansions. Most of us have a bit smaller moves to deal with, and for those people a cargo van can be the perfect solution to many of your moving day issues.

Cargo Van ParkingParking

You may be lucky enough to live somewhere where parking is abundant, or you have a large driveway or loading area to use. For many, especially urban dwellers, this is not the case. If you can only load from a single assigned parking space, or need to parallel park on the street, then moving with a cargo van may be a wise decision. Cargo vans can be parked in most average parking spaces, and the shorter length makes it simpler to get it parked in the street. Once you are parallel parked, the side-loading doors make it easy to still load and unload your household goods.


Cargo Van HeightHeight Restrictions

Can you only access your apartment through a parking garage? Are there overhangs or low hanging trees between your house and the road? Moving with a cargo van allows you to get to many of these places where taller moving trucks could not go. The worst thing to deal with is a stuck or damaged truck on your moving day, just because you thought “It looks like the truck will fit.” Check the inside of the vehicle for your clearance, and always look for height restriction signs to be sure, but cargo vans are the best option.

Cargo Van PriceLow Price

We know that money can be tight, and a move can come with many extra unexpected costs. At U-Haul, cargo vans are still priced from $19.95, and can have a much lower per mile rate than the larger moving trucks. If you are moving on a budget, this makes a van a great option for saving some money. Check out these posts for more information about budgeting for your move.

Cargo Van SpaceSpace

It might surprise you how much you can actually fit in in a cargo van. Couches? Couches up to 9′ long will fit in the back of a cargo van.  Beds? Full size mattresses will easily fit. There is room for all of that and more. The dimensions for the back doors on U-Haul cargo vans are approximately 5’1-1/2″ x 4’1-1/2″ (WxH), and you have 9’6″ x 5’7″ x 4’7″ (LxWxH) in the cargo area totally 245 cubic feet of space for your household goods. (Note: U-Haul has several different types of vans in its fleet, you should check with your local dealer for specifics). Check out this U-Haul video showing everything that can fit into the back of a cargo van for a household move:

Have you ever used a cargo van for a small move? Share your experience and tips here.

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100 Responses to Moving With a Cargo Van

  1. Diane Pellingra says:

    Can a cargo van be rented for a one way trip from Pomona, New York to Virginia Beach, VA

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Diane, unfortunately U-Haul cargo vans and pickup trucks can only be rented for local moves and cannot be used for one-way trips. The smallest box truck is 10 feet – that can be used for a one way trip. Click here for more information!

      • Angela says:

        Hi I just reserved a 9ft cargo van, do u have any idea how many boxes it will hold.

        • Paige E says:

          Unfortunately we would need the dimensions of the boxes you will be using to provide an accurate answer. For example, you would be able to fit 10 times as many shoe boxes than large moving boxes. If you provide the measurements of the boxes we will be happy to provide an estimate though!

    • Llopyd Gracey says:

      The 1.5 cu.ft. box measurement is 16 3/8 x12 5/8 x 12 5/8, how many dan I get in a cargo van?

  2. jim hodson says:

    can a california king be moved in a cargo van?

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Jim, the inside dimensions of U-Haul cargo vans are 9’2″ x 5’7-1/2″ x 4’5″ (LxWxH), so I don’t believe the California King will fit.

      • JJ says:

        can a queen size be moved in a cargo van? 60”x80”

        • Paige E says:

          Hi JJ, Hi the inside dimensions of U-Haul cargo vans are 9’2″ x 5’7-1/2″ x 4’5″ (LxWxH), so the queen sized bed will fit!

          • Mikey Bells says:

            Ok but how do you get the queen bed inside the van? The opening of the doors in the rear is smaller/narrower than the inside dimensions. Does anybody know if it is possible?

          • Paige E says:

            Hi Mikey, I had a recent move with my standard queen size mattress and box spring with a cargo van. If you angle the two in, they will be able to sit flat in the cargo of the truck!

  3. jim hodson says:

    can a California king be moved in a 10 foot truck

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Jim, I see that the dimensions of a California King are 72 in × 84 in (183 cm × 213 cm), the dimensions of the inside of a U-Haul 10′ truck are 9’11” x 6’4″ x 6’2″ (LxWxH), so it should fit!

  4. tw says:

    When you state local – do you mean within the same area or within the same state? I am moving an hour and a half away. Will I be able to rent the cargo van or would I have to rent the larger truck?

    • Paige E says:

      A local move refers to renting from one location and returning to the same pick up location. A cargo van can be rented for a local/In-Town unfortunately, not for a one-Way move.

  5. Peggy says:

    The daily rate is great to move our kids back to college(four hours away) but is there any type of two day deals with better mileage rates ? The mileage rate makes the cargo van an expensive option compared to a trailer.

  6. JR says:

    What would be the rates for either a cargo van or a 10′ truck from Madison, WI to Minneapolis, MN?

  7. jacob says:

    Can a standard king fit?

  8. cereid15 says:

    At about the 19-second mark, the subtitles of this video are showing up for me as including the words, “easy to kill jews.” Please fix this.

    I don’t have speakers, so I’m unable to hear what the intended words should have been, but this clearly can’t have been intentional, or else someone has a terrible sense of humor and should be reprimanded.

  9. says:

    Can a California King mattress fit in a 12 ft moving truck?

    • Paige E says:

      U-Haul does not have 12′ moving truck. A CA king can fit in a 10′-26′ U-Haul moving truck. More information can be found in this blog post here.

  10. Joe Barrett says:

    I stopped by a U-Haul outlet and was asking the U-Haul employee about a van. She voluntarily told me that a queen size mattress set would NOT fit in a U-Haul van. I am moving a queen pillow top mattress “60 x 80 x 15” and a box springs “60 x 80 x 9”. I can see where you could put the box springs in at an angle and lay it flat, but then it is in the way of putting the mattress in. Is the pillow top mattresses flexible enough to go through the door while the box springs is reducing the height of door area. I am not auguring, but I have two different answers from U-Haul employees to a question that will determine if a cargo van will work for my move.

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Joe- I’m sorry for misinformation you received. I personally moved a queen-sized mattress using a U-Haul cargo van and I was able to fit in just fine. Now, since you have pillow top, you may need to angle it in the doors, depending on the van style. If you have any other questions, please let us know!

  11. Ken says:

    can 10ft cargo vans be driven on the Brooklyn bridge in New York

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Ken, U-Haul does not consider its trucks to be commercial vehicles. However, some states may classify U-Haul trucks as commercial vehicles and restrict the use of such vehicles on certain roadways and highways. You will want to check with the Department of Transportation for New York to verify the restrictions, if any, of U-Haul trucks on the Brooklyn Bridge. This blog post on parkway restrictions may help you, as well.

      • Oliver Street says:

        The preceding private opinion of the U-Haul company is contrary to the NYPD enforced position of the NYC Department of Transportation which DOES consider all U-Haul vans trucks and trailers to be commercial vehicles.
        It isn’t the U-Haul name, it’s anything either painted with any company name or doesn’t have a second row of seating (except sports cars or vehicles with removable or stowable seats removed or stowed). Anything being towed has the same restrictions as commercial vehicles.
        Prohibited routes include the Brooklyn Bridge the East Side (FDR) and West Side (Henry Hudson) Parkways, Pelham Parkway, Bronx River Parkway, Grand Central Parkway, Ocean Parkway, Southern Parkway, … (if the name includes parkway)… and the tunnels.
        Search for New York City Truck Route Map for a map of the permitted and prohibited routes.

  12. Susan says:

    I need a large cube box to ship household good overseas

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Susan, We would recommend looking into getting a U-Box container. They ship internationally and each box holds about a room and a half of household items. You can get more info here!

  13. Mike says:

    I need to fit 2 Queen Mattresses, 2 Queen Box Springs and 1 Queen Adjustable base (fancy box spring)….. would they be able to stand on their sides in the van like the video shows? Or would they have to be laid flat and stacked? Or will I have to go to the 10′ truck? I really don’t want the 10′ truck if at all possible……

  14. sandy hendershott says:

    Will my standard queen mattress and box spring fit into a cargo trailer

  15. L Vaga says:

    How long is a uhaul 9′ cargo fan’s exterior? I’m trying to determine if it will fit in a garage, so I need the bumper to bumper length.

    • Paige E says:

      The bumper to bumper length for U-Haul’s 9′ van is 15 feet and 7 inches. Hope this helps! You can find more info for that here.

  16. Emily says:

    What is the longest size couch that will fit?

  17. John says:

    Can a 9′ cargo van be driven with one back door open? I have some long, narrow items to move and a larger van would be overkill.

  18. Gee says:

    Will a 4′ x 8′ Cargo Trailer work for a Cal King mattress set ?

  19. Vee says:

    Hello. Do all uHaul cargo vans and pickup trucks have trailer hitches? Also, can you provide both (1) the bumper to bumper length and (2) the bed length of the pickup truck? Thanks.

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Vee, no, not all U-Haul cargo vans come with a hitch, but all the trucks do. The sizes of the pickup trucks vary since they come in different year, makes, and models. Bumper to bumper, the length is about 17′ to 20′. The bed is typically 8’1-1/2″ x 5’1″ x 1’8″ (LxWxH).

  20. Linda g says:

    Can I fit a six foot square metal outdoor table with six chairs in a cargo van?

  21. Chris Thornton says:

    Will a queen size bed, box springs, dresser, one end table, TV stand, and 2 flat Sceen TV’s fit in a 9′ Cargo van?

  22. Jose says:

    Will a table that is 90 x 36 x 30 (L x W x H) fit in the 9 ft cargo van?

  23. Dale says:

    Will a round 60 x 30″ table fit through the cargo van doors if angled? The table top is glass, affixed to a wood base. What is the best way to position it for travel? Glass down, up or on it’s edge? The table and 6 chairs will be wrapped for moving.

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Dale, you will have to tilt it to fit it in the door, but once inside it will stand straight up with no problems. We would recommend having the glass up.

  24. kathy riggs says:

    I trying to help my college graduate cheaply move form Athens GA to Nashville TN for her first job! We moved all her boxes in cars so all that’s left are a full box spring & mattress, a tall dresser, a vanity & chair, tv stand and one end table. She’s totally disappointed she won’t be able to rent the van because of the state to state issue! Guess she’ll have to rent the smallest truck (10′)? She’s wondering about renting the smallest trailer instead? Your thoughts? The trailer would be pulled by a Toyota Avalon without a hitch. Again … Cost is the challenge!

  25. David says:

    I have to move about 8 combined total milk crates and (some larger) boxes of vinyl records (which cannot be stacked on each other), as well as about 40 printer-paper boxes containing books. Do you think this will all fit in a cargo van. I can send photos of all the stuff that needs to be moved.

    • Paige E says:

      The cargo van may be enough for these items as you can carry a load of up to 236 cu. ft. We would need to know the exact dimensions of each box to determine if they will fit.

  26. Ravyn says:

    Will a full size mattress and box spring, sofa and love seat fit into a cargo van? The sofa and love seat can be broken down into two smaller pieces.

    • Paige E says:

      We believe that all this will be able to fit, especially since the sofa and love seat break down into two parts.

  27. Jay says:

    how many medium uhaul boxes can I comfortably fit into a 9ft uhaul van?

    • Paige E says:

      Judging by our calculations you should be able to fit 54 medium U-Haul boxes in the back of a 9 ft cargo van. If you are driving alone you can probably fit one or two in the passenger seat also. =)

  28. Ben says:

    Will a king size mattress that is made from foam and box spring fit in a cargo van? The mattress can be folded to some degree. The box springs are twin XL. Thanks

    • Paige E says:

      Typically, a king sized mattress will not fit in a cargo van. You might consider measuring your folded mattress to see if you can squeeze it. Here are some cargo van measurements to consider: Inside dimensions: 9’2″ x 5’7-1/2″ x 4’5″ (LxWxH) Back door opening: 4’6″ x 4’1″ (WxH).

  29. Beth says:

    From the video we see that there are wheel wells that take up floor space. What is the depth of those wheel wells (how far out do they protrude)? What is the width between the wheel wells? We are trying to figure out what all will fit on the floor (couch, dressers, tv stand, etc.) and need to know the base measurements of the van, keeping in mind that we lose flat floor with those wheel wells! Do you have a diagram that includes that info? Thanks!

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Beth, the depth of the wheel wells is 10.4″ in the Ford and 11.83″ in the GMC U-Haul models. The width between is 53.13″ on the GMC and 54.8″ on the Ford U-Haul models.

  30. Terri says:

    Will a full size mattress and box spring as well as apartment size washer and dryer (2.5′ wide fit in a 9″ cargo van? Basically will need the mattress and box spring to stand on their sides once inside the van.

  31. James says:

    Will a queen box spring, pillow top mattress,(80″x 60″x 16″) and full size couch(84″x 40″x 32″) fit in the cargo van? Based on the van measurements it looks very close. I figured someone there may have had experience with this. Thanks

  32. Tony DeSousa says:

    I am looking at moving an 8 ft couch and a queen mattress and box spring. I would like to only make 1 trip if possible.Can the mattress/boxspring angle in or sit on top of the couch? think their is enough room?

  33. What is the width between the wheel wells of the 9′ cargo van?

  34. Meg says:

    Does the height of the cargo van allow for it to fit in most underground parking entrances?

  35. will a 66″ x 66″ x 1.5″ canvas fit diagonally in a Uhaul 9ft van??

  36. Shawn says:

    Will a 10” pipe fit diagonally in the back of cargo van?

  37. Mark says:

    How many seats are in the front of the 9′ van. Can it hold 2 people plus the driver for a total of 3 people or does it only hold 2 people.

  38. Scott says:

    What is the distance between the wheels inside the van? I’m looking to lay a sheet of 4’x8′ plywood down flat.

  39. Suzy Blake says:

    What is the best bet on hauling plastic totes in the 9′ cargo van?

  40. Suzy Blake says:

    The totes are narrower at the bottom & are 71qt size. I’m most concerned about them tipping over & breaking the contents.

    • Timothy says:

      Hey Suzy, great question. We recommend loading the totes in horizontal layers. This will help secure them in place and limit any possible tipping.

  41. Erlii says:

    Is there a ramp that can work with the cargo van, I need to unload a recliner chair with one person and a dolly, and don’t think I can lift it down from the van by myself.

  42. Kylie Marcelaine Carlson says:

    Would my Cali King mattress fit if bent width wise? No box springs included.

  43. Paige says:

    Hi Kathleen, thanks for your question. I would reach out the folks at U-Haul for specifics. They can be reached at 1-800-GOUHAUL

  44. Moulangerie ThreetheHardway Br says:

    will a 60 ” round table fit?

    • Paige says:

      I am currently out of the office and will return Wednesday, July 6.

      Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

      Paige Eagles

    • Paige says:

      You should be able to fit it in- you might have to angle it a bit! Feel free to reach out to U-Haul to confirm at 1-800-GOUHAUL

  45. NH says:

    will a 83 1/8″ (L) bed fit in a cargo van?

  46. Edwin Johnson says:

    Are there tie down or anchor points in the cargo van? I’m looking to haul a motorcycle

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