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What do you think you can fit in U-Haul trailers?

Packing for a move can be stressful enough without having to worry about objects that do not fit into a cardboard box. But unfortunately, there’s no way around it. The staple pieces that make a house a home, your loveseat, your bed, your dining room table, have to come with you and you need to figure out what to put them in. Because dimensions of U-Haul trailers vary, you are going to want to be sure about what size trailer you need. Here are a few options:

Small Trailer

The smallest cargo trailer is 4 ft. x 8 ft. in size. Small and narrow items will fit best in this trailer, like:

  • a loveseat (standard size 64” x 37” x 37”)Enclosed4x8Dimensions
  • a standard twin size bed
  • a 3 seat sofa (standard size 35” x 84”)

Because this trailer has a low rear deck, this might also be your best bet if you have smaller but heavier pieces, like a recliner or dresser.

Medium Trailer

Your next option is the most commonly used trailer, the 5 ft. x 8 ft. cargo trailer. This is where you can transport your wider pieces, such as:

  • standard full and queen sized bedsEnclosed5x8Dimensions
  • square dining room tables
  • rounded couches

Large Trailer

For your more awkward, larger or unconventional pieces, you will probably need a bigger trailer. The biggest cargo trailer available is the 6 ft. x 12 ft. option. In this trailer you can fit things like:

  • standard king sized bedsEnclosed6x12Dimensions
  • L-shaped couches
  • other rare pieces (pianos, pool tables, etc.)

Remember that a lot of these pieces will be heavier than you think, so you are going to want to make sure you have the right tools to get the job done safely, like a dolly and moving pads. Also, make sure to check if any of the larger pieces disconnect for easier arrangement and transportability.

So before you make your cargo trailer rental reservation, make sure to measure your furniture and get the right size, and remember to leave room for your boxes too! Figuring out these small details ahead of time can save you some big headaches on moving day.

Are you still having trouble figuring out what trailer is right for you? Our Trailer Rental Guide can give you more insight on what trailer works best for your needs.

 Do you have a creative way of making use of space when moving your larger items? Let us know in the comments below!

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59 Responses to Will it fit: Dimensions of U-Haul Trailers

  1. Mike says:

    I was able to get a standard king mattress to fit into the 6’x12′ trailer, it did sag and had to bend a bit to fit through the door.

  2. Greg G. says:

    What about box springs?

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:

      Hi Greg,
      If you are asking if box springs will fit in trailers, the answer is yes. The box spring will fit in the same trailer as the matching mattress.

  3. Latoya says:

    can a standard king size bed with l-shaped couch and dresser 2 nightstandfit in 6×12 cargo trailer

  4. Jim Boykin says:

    I need to know the outside dimensions of the 5 x 8 utility trailer. I am trying to see if it will fit between my deck and retaining wall.

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:

      Jim, the 5×8 utility trailer is 75&1/2″ at the widest exterior point. Just to be sure you get the right info, the 5×8 cargo trailer is 79&3/4″ at the widest exterior point and the 5×9 utility trailer is 80&1/2″ at the widest exterior point. Hope this helps!

  5. Anthony Valenti says:

    Would a standard dining table and hutch with 6 chairs squeeze into a 5×8 trailer if I took the legs off table? i can also fit a couple maybe even three chairs in the back of my SUV pulling trailer. THoughts?

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:

      Great question Anthony! The inner dimensions of a 5×8 cargo trailer are 8′ x 4’8″ x 5’4″ (LxWxH) so based on a standard dining room measurement (36” W x 72” L), the answer would be yes. However, this depends on the size of your chairs. Good luck with your move!

  6. Shirley Graham says:

    can i put a refrigerator in a trailer

  7. michael says:

    will a standard full size bed and spring fit the 10′ uhaul truck

  8. Gene says:

    what is the width of the loading ramp?

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:


      The loading ramps are 2’2″ and they are the same on all trucks. If you want more information about dimensions, visit here and find the truck size you will be renting. Hope that helps!

  9. tameka says:

    I’m going to pick up a few items tomorrow. A sofa love seat queen mattress set 2 twin seta 3 dressers small kitchen table and chairs what size truck do you recommend?

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:

      Hi Tameka,

      Sorry for the delayed response. It really does depend on the size of the table, chairs and sofa. However, if they are on the smaller side than you could probably use a 14′ truck which holds a 2 bedroom apartment. On the larger side you would want a 20′ truck which holds a home up to 3 bedrooms. For more information on truck sizes, visit http://www.uhaul.com/Trucks/. Thanks!


  10. brandon says:

    Hi was wondering if I could get 3 bedroom house in the biggest cargo trailer available

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:

      Hi Brandon,

      The biggest cargo trailer is the 6’x12′ one with 400 cubic feet of storage. We generally recommend the 20′ truck for a 3 bedroom home. It has 1,015 cubic feet of storage, so as you can see, they are significantly different in size. Hope this helps and if you have more questions about trailer sizes, please visit. http://www.uhaul.com/Trailers/


  11. Mike says:

    We just moved our eldest daughter to college for her first year. Our youngest will be going in 2 years. Well we didn’t need a trailer this time, but we had a minivan that was stuffed. The entire back behind the quad chairs was jam packed. We put a Thule bag on top that was pretty full, and we borrowed a bike rack from inlaws and let her take a bike. Needless to say, I had to check the tires periodically. There is a chance our youngest daughter may go to the same college. If that happens we will have to have a hitch installed as we can’t move them separately in 2 moves (Illinois to Alabama). Can you recommend a size trailer? I know it’s early but I like to be ready to make decisions quickly when the time comes. Thanks

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:

      Hi Mike,

      It really does depend on how much stuff your daughter is taking with her, but usually the 4’x8′ trailer would be enough space for the average college student since odds are that space is limited anyway. You can find specific dimensions for each trailer here http://www.uhaul.com/Trailers/. Hope this helps!


  12. Mike says:

    Oh, and the university supplies the bed furniture and living room furniture, so we didn’t need to worry about transporting any of that

  13. Mike says:

    Can I fit a full sized mattress into the 4X8 Trailer on the diagonal? Everything else I have is relatively small and could be packed into the corners.

  14. Mike says:

    Can I fit a full sized mattress into a 4×8 Trailer on the diagonal? Everything else I have is small and can fit in the corners.

  15. Sharon says:

    I see in the question above the diagonal for the 4X8, what is the diagonal for the 5X8, and is this the door opening or the inside. I have a queen box and mattress and want to make sure I can get it in the door opening of a 5X8. Thanks.

  16. chris morrell says:

    I called U hual before renting a tow behind 6 x 12 trailer to ask if it could hold 2 bedrooms… the answer I received was ” with room to spare.” When I got to u haul to pick it up and I inquired again, the response was laughter. Can you please advice, should I be able to get two bedrooms in the trailer?

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:


      It really depends on how much stuff you have and how big your furniture is. The best way to know for sure will be to measure your belongings and compare that to the dimensions of the 6×12 trailer, which you can find here: http://www.uhaul.com/Reservations/EquipmentDetail.aspx?model=RV.

      I apologize that you had a negative experience with our representatives. If you’d like to further discuss that or file a complaint, please email your information to uhaul_cares@uhaul.com and an agent will reach out.

      Hope this helps!

  17. Rita T. says:

    A tip for those moving kitchen items, clothing etc. Pack your dishes, & breakable dishware with your linens & towels. If you use paper or newspaper, you just have the issue of getting rid of them when you unpack. And for those glasses, and other breakables, pack them into your dresser drawers with your clothing. This saves on the # of boxes you use and protect all those breakables pretty well. I’ve moved so many times in my life that I found these methods work great on saving space & boxes.

  18. Rose Marcus says:

    Will the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment fit into a 6’x12′ trailer?

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:


      A 6’x12′ trailer can fit a king sized bed and most L-shaped couches, but it will really depend on what other items you have. If you have a lot of bulky furniture, you might want to rent a truck instead. You can see the dimensions of the trailer here. Hope this helps!


  19. Rachel says:

    I need to move a large couch, a piano, three book shelves, a queen sized bed (mattress, no springs), a dresser, a chest of drawers, a round kitchen table, a large coffee table, a medium sized flat screen tv and media center, a large computer desk with chair, and a small filing cabinet plus boxes of clothing, books, and household items. Will these fit in the 6 x 12?

    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:

      Thanks for your question Rachel!

      There’s a lot of variability in the items that you mentioned so your best option will be to measure them and then compare them to the inside dimensions of the 6×12 cargo trailer. You can find the dimensions, as well as the size of the door opening here. Hope this helps and good luck on your move!


  20. Andre says:

    What is the overall height of a 6×12 trailer? Needing to rent one for a couple of days and would like to park it in the garage for safe keeping.


    • Diana H Diana Hernandez says:

      Hi Andre,

      The door opening height of a 6×12 trailer is 4’10”, while the inside height is 5’5″. You can find more information on its dimensions here. Hope this helps!


  21. Sunny says:

    I have to move a box spring (queen size). Will it lay flat on the bed of the 8 feet long uhaul pick up. Or do I need to rent the 10 feet truck?

  22. Kathy Wadley says:

    We were told tonight that a king size mattress and box springs wouldn’t fit in a 6×12 foot trailer. We were told that we needed to rent a flat bed or a truck…can you clear this up for us?

    • Paige E Paige E says:

      Hi kathy, you should be able to fit a king size been into the 6×12 trailer diagonally. The trailer is deep enough and the width is 72 inches. The mattress is 76 inches wide. So its off by 4 inches but putting it in diagonally should solve it!

  23. Brandon says:

    I need to know the outside dimensions of the 5×8 enclosed trailer, specifically the length of the entire trailer. I called your customer service and they could only tell me what the website says which is the inside dimensions.

    • Paige E Paige E says:

      Hi Brandon, the overall length of the 5×8 trailer is 11’9″, and the overall width is 6’10”. Let me know if you need more info!

  24. TRACY HAYES says:


  25. BRANDI HENRY says:


    • Paige E Paige E says:

      Hi Brandi, because your furniture pieces don’t have a standard size, I would recommend measuring them out to see just how much space you’ll need. A U-Haul 6×12 cargo trailer can fit 396 cu. ft. in volume. The inside dimensions are 11’7″ x 6′ x 5’5″ (LxWxH). You can find more information on this trailer here.

  26. Mrs.wardell says:

    I have queen size mattress & box spring,sofa,2 small chairs,baby crib

    • Paige E Paige E says:

      Hi Mrs. Wardell- according to our infographic on moving a mattress, your queen sized mattress will fit in any U-Haul trailers outside of the 4×8 cargo trailer. I would recommend measuring your other items to determine how much more space you’ll need to fit them in your trailer. You can find more information of the dimensions of a U-Haul trailer here.

  27. abbey says:

    I will be moving a California king size bed and we are hoping to only need a 5×8 trailer. The mattress has hinges in the center so that it fold in half lengthwise and can be tethered this way for the move. Is there any other reason to believe a 5×8 trailer won’t fit a king mattress other than length?

  28. Kayla Mae says:

    can I just say, for anyone needing to move a piano… PLEASE DO NOT MOVE IT BY YOURSELF!! If you love your piano and want it to move safely and in one piece, I can’t stress enough to get piano movers to do it for you! As a piano teacher and player, it really scares me to think of anyone moving their beloved piano on their own!

    Sorry, end rant. Thank you.

  29. Charle says:

    What is the MPG on your 10′ moving van if fully filled?

    • Diana H Diana H says:

      The 10 ft truck gets about 12 mpg, depending on road conditions and driving habits. U-Haul trucks have a fuel economy gauge and if you keep the needle in the green, you can get the best MPG for your trip.

      Have a good trip!

  30. Maureen says:

    Will a studio apartment fit into a 6 x 12 trailer? Queen mattress’, long dresser, couch and love seat, nightstands and coffee table.

    • Diana H Diana H says:

      Thanks for your question! It really depends on the specific dimensions of your items. To be safe, you would probably want to rent a 10-foot truck. Hope this helps and good luck on your move!

  31. Sibylle says:

    I am trying to move a king size bed (head and footboard, rails only- no mattress or boxsrpings), amoire, nightstand and large dresser. Would the 9′ cargo van be ok or would I need something bigger?

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