If you were told that you could purchase a moving truck for a competitively lower price from a trustworthy place would you believe it? In today’s economy, buying a brand new truck is too costly… and buying a used one from an unknown source can be chancy. U-Haul offers the largest selection of fleet maintained box trucks for sale in the industry. This purchase will be lighter on your wallet than competitors, and you are guaranteed a vehicle from a trusted source.

Starting a Business

If you are starting up a business or looking to expand your current business and need to purchase a moving truck, you know that a new truck can range anywhere from $20,000 and up. Yes… getting something new is nice, but if you are running an up-and-coming business, odds are you won’t have the funds to buy a fleet of brand-new trucks. But that’s OK! Purchase a few used U-Haul trucks, add your logo to the trucks, and-BAM you can send these big boys on the road!

Help with a Charity

Perhaps you help out with a charity and are looking for a truck that you can use to move your supplies to and from all your different events! You definitely don’t want to spend $20,000 on a new truck! You want as much money as possible going towards the charitable work you do. With a used truck you now have storage for your items (you can just keep them in the truck), you have advertising- you may put your charity’s logo and information on the truck, to make people more aware of the good work you do, and you have your very own truck!


If you are interested in buying one of these excellent trucks..

  1. Head on over to U-Haul Company’s truck sales webpage TS2
  2. Search for used equipment in your area by typing in your city and state or ZIP (Postal)
  3. Type in your ZIP (postal) code
    ode to start searching for the truck of your dreams!

Once you find the perfect truck you will be able to view every detail about your soon to be vehicle or trailer including:

  • Maintenance history
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Vehicle report card
  • Vehicle featuresTruckSalesLogo
  • Asking price
  • Purchasing tips

You can send in an offer or request to see the truck in person and even make an offer on location!

ONE more perk: You are being environmentally friendly! Rather than purchasing new and creating more trucks, you are reusing and reducing. By buying a used truck you are reusing it and giving it a new purpose. Whether it is for your business or charity, you are giving it new life and reducing the number of trucks on the road.

What are some ways you may be able to put a used truck to use? Let us know in the comments below!

*Updated 12/15/16

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  1. Julia Carlson says:

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  2. Julia Carlson says:

    I really need to find a moving company. Most of the companies I’ve found won’t load up my things without me providing them with a moving truck first. I have no idea how to find a moving truck!

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