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Moving a mattress is one of the most important and tricky parts of a move.  The awkward shape makes it difficult to carry, pack and unpack.  Because they come in a few different sizes, determining if your mattress will fit in whichever vehicle you use for transport can be hit or miss. This is why you should take into account the size of your mattress before renting a trailer or truck.

Remember, transporting your mattress properly will extend it’s lifetime and prevent wear and tear. For even more protection, I recommend you get a mattress bag to protect both the mattress itself and the box spring from the elements during your move! For as low as $3.95 (Queen Size Mattress Bag) you can save your thousand dollar mattress from getting dragged or scraped during loading and unloading. Some mattress bags also help you carry the mattress as they come with handles.

To eliminate the guessing game, the infographic guide below will help you pick the right size U-Haul Truck or Cargo Trailer to move your mattress.

Moving a mattress infographic


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30 Responses to Moving A Mattress (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. Matt Vels says:

    Does this chart take into account actually getting the mattress and box spring inside the vehicle? I have a queen mattress and box spring and the chart shows that a cargo van will work. I know the inside dimensions will fit them. But does this chart take into account the smaller dimensions of the entry of the cargo van? I know I will need to place them in at a diagonal angle but will a queen box spring that is 9″ deep and 60″ wide fit inside the back of the cargo van? Thanks for your help please let me know soon if you can!!

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Matt, I had a recent move with my standard queen size mattress and box spring with a cargo van. If you angle the two in, they will be able to sit flat in the cargo of the truck!

  2. bean says:

    Ok, can full size mattress, box spring and frame fit in cargo van?

  3. Bob says:

    I have a king bed that I need to move to another location before I do a full move with a 5×8 trailer. Can I squeeze in the king diagonally?

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Bob, the king probably cannot be squeezed in unless it is a narrow California King and on the thinner, more flexible side. Any thicker, pillow top King will definitely not squeeze in.

  4. Bulu says:

    Can I fit a king size mattress with box spring and frame into 10′ truck?

  5. Dave says:

    We need to move a queen bed with box springs and two twin beds with (2) box springs, nothing else (no other furniture). What size would I need?

  6. Roberto says:

    Can I fit a king size mattress into a cargo van?

  7. andy says:

    We are moving a king size bed/mattress. I see that the 6×12 cargo trailer is said to be large enough. If the mattress is 76″x80″ (6’4″ x 6’8″) and the inside dimensions of the trailer are 11’7″ x 6 x 5’5″, how does the mattress and box spring sit in the trailer, given that only one dimension is longer than the smallest mattress side?

    • Paige E says:

      Unfortunately, the 6×12 trailer is not big enough for a king size bed. The door opening for the trailer is only 5′ x 4’10”. We recommend a 15ft truck to move a king size bed.

      • CV says:

        Paige – I’m confused. The pictures above and all your previous comments state that a king size bed can be moved in a 10′ truck or a 6X12 trailer. Now you are saying you need a 15′ truck and that the trailer will not work. Can you clarify what the correct information should be?

        • CV says:

          Paige – can you reply to my comment above? Thanks.

          • Paige E says:

            My mistake, I must have gotten the math wrong last time! Your mattress would be able to fit in a 6×12, however it will not be able to lie flat inside of it. Instead, you would have to lean it against the wall diagonally, which will cut down on space if you are moving other items as well. If you want it to lie flat or stand it up vertically to maximiaze space then you would want the 15′ truck I mentioned previously. Sorry for the confusion, if you have any further questions let me know.

  8. Joe says:

    I need to move two twin beds, box springs and mattresses for each bed and a 7 foot pine table with wings on each side. Will all fit in cargo van?

  9. len says:

    Will a CAL-KING mattress fit in a 10ft truck?

  10. Warren says:

    Can I fit a Queen mattress and Box spring plus a couch in a 5 x 8 trailer?

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Warren, it mostly depends on the size of your couch. Feel free to call our moving specialists at 1-800-GOUHAUL.

  11. Barb Nelson says:

    We are hoping to move a queen size mattress with box spring, using a 5×8 trailer. I’m a bit challenged when it comes to moving calculations and fitting items through a door. Can a queen size bed/mattress 60″ x 80″, fit inside the door opening of a 5×8 trailer, which appears to be 48″ x 58″? Thanks so very much!

  12. Mon says:

    Do not use u hauls referral system for moving help labourers I had to book three sets of movers to get a one bedroom first floor to first floor move complete plus do most of the work this past weekend . They have no customer service by phone or available they just have some person that emails you days later to say sorry you had a bad experience and says don’t pay the movers when you have already paid to book them . The second set of movers took four hours and didn’t finish the load let alone the j pack when it was booked and paid for two hours the first guy didn’t show when he was booked for one pm start after we both agreed the night before if his first job went into rush hour we would wait till after so instead he just sends me a text saying I’m going home and finally the third guys came and had an easy job to unload half a moving truck because my dad and I had to do as much as we could befor he went to work because u haul not only wouldn’t help or even bother being concerned there referal and add on to this company had cause so many problem no they threaten to charge me fifty dollars an hour until I bring there truck back which by the way broke down after not being able to go into gear and they still tried to charge me hundreds until I decided I wasn’t returning it there cause it was hazardous so I dropped it off in Langley instead of the king George Blvd location which j will never deal with again the only good part of this move was the choice to drop it off in Langley and the great customer service I received from the three men there who took off all the bogus charges the surrey location was tacking on for something they caused to happen and giving out such a bad vehicle . Do not book anything with uhaul in surrey on king George or with MOVING HELP SERVICE THEY OFFER OR WITH THE MOVER NAMED MASUD HORRIBLE GUY WHO TRIED TO CHARGE ME 360 on top of the 160 I already paid for breaking my stuff my new fire place my new lamps and not even getting the moving truck loaded he also would not issue a receipt for the extra cash paid to him to get him to leave my home where he was screaming and threatening me my dad and I are still getting emails and texts from this clown beware

  13. Amanda says:

    We are moving from Oregon to South Dakota. Is it safe to diagnolly load a king size mattress in a 6×12 uhaul trailer?

  14. Amanda says:

    Can you safely diagnolly load a king size mattress into a 6X13 labor? How does it affect weight distribution? Moving from Oregon to South Dakota, safety first!

    • Paige says:

      Amanda – Without seeing the entire contents, it is hard to give specific advice. However, angle in the mattress and make sure it is fairly evenly distributed, just make sure it is positioned to the front of the trailer if that is the only thing being carried. Otherwise, load some heavier boxes in the front of the trailer (under the mattress most likely) to make sure that there is 60% of the total weight in front of the Load line. 60% of the weight of your load should be in front and 40% in the back. If there are other items, than those also need to be distributed 60/40 too.

  15. Paige says:

    Hi Amanda, good questions. I sent you an email with an image that will help you.

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