If you know makeup, you know that when it comes time to move, throwing your array of lipsticks and fragile eye shadow palettes into a box isn’t going to cut it. Why spend all your money on quality products only to ruin them during a move? To avoid melted lipstick and broken eye shadow palettes, follow these make-up packing tips:

Use that leftover Movers Stretch Plastic Wrap

Losing a makeup brush or your foundation primer in transit would be upsetting! Use stretch wrap and wrap up your makeup organizers to keep your small makeup items contained.

packing up your make-up

Keep like items together

This rule goes for packing in general. Keep your like items together. For example, keep brushes with brushes, lipsticks with lipsticks, and so on. This will make it easier for you locate items when unpacking.

Pack with Bubble Wrap to keep palettes safe

Wrap your make-up palettes with bubble wrap to ensure their safe journey to your destination. The bubble wrap will cushion your items safely in the box.

packing up your make-up

Pack makeup separately from other items

To avoid accidents, such as stains and spill. Pack makeup in a separate box. Always put items such as liquid foundation, moisturizer and perfume in Ziploc bags. If these items leak or spill, your other items will be protected because of the Ziploc bag. Bubble Pouch Bags work well also!

Keep lipstick in a cooler place

Depending on when and where you are moving, the weather may not be your best friend. Items that are prone to melting such as lipstick should be packed in a cooler place.

packing up your make-up

Do you have additional tips for packing up your makeup? Let us know in the comments below!

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17 Responses to Packing Up Your Makeup for a Move

  1. Abigale Jones says:

    Like every other woman I love my make up and I can’t live without them. Well, next week I am going to move to my boyfriend’s apartment and I should pack somehow my huge collection of lipsticks. Thank you a lot for sharing these advices!

    • Lynnie Nguyen says:

      Abigail, I understand your love for make-up well! Lipsticks are my weakness and I live in a warm state so I had to come up with a way to protect my precious cargo. Good luck on your move and remember to keep your lipsticks nice and cool during the move!

  2. Daisy says:

    What a helpful post! I have periods of time where I travel frequently for work, so I keep a separate makeup and toiletries bag stocked and ready to go, along with a spare curling iron, in my suitcase. That way I never forget anything

    • Lynnie Nguyen says:

      Daisy, you’re right! It is helpful to have those items packed separately especially when you’re traveling so you are not constantly searching for them. After all, you never know when you’ll need to reapply that lipstick or fix that one curl in your hair, am I right?

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Safe travels, Daisy!

  3. Chris of Removals Fulham says:

    Good list of tips. I’ve packed a lot of items, but never make up. I guess clients do it on their own. The only advice I can give is to put your make up in your first night box along with your other essential items. That way you’d know where to find it when you need it.

  4. Jenny P says:

    Finding the perfect travel makeup bag can be trickier than it sounds, but the resulting organization (and peace of mind) is well worth the effort. Buy a bag that is slightly smaller than you think you need: this will ensure that all your cosmetics stay snug inside and won’t break from bouncing around, and force you to pare down to just your must-haves.

    Look for a bag with a transparent exterior and/or lots of inner compartments to help you find exactly what you need when you’re on the go. Separating your products by type or color and keeping them in smaller plastic bags inside the pouch can also help. And finally, find a bag that can be wiped clean with a little soap and water, because spills and smudges happen—but stains don’t have to.

  5. Lorna Wilds says:

    I am a professional actress in a small theater and I have tons of make up at home. Now I have to move to a new apartment and I just don’t know how I am going to pack all of this make up! Thank you so much for sharing these tips here! You helped me a lot!

  6. Nina says:

    Really passionate about products that don’t exactly offer “travel-size” versions? Make your own. It will make the all the difference in both packing and your happiness on your trip.

  7. Ruby Parsons says:

    Your article is great! I wish I had read it last year when I was packing for my move. Of course it was a great mess, and a bigger mess when I unpacked the make up products in the new place. I’ll just say I had to renew my makeup products on 50 %, as I was sure they were well packed before that. Greets!

  8. Ruby Parsons says:

    Yes it is! The best is I’ll have to pack soon for a new trip that came up unexpectedly. This time I’m definitely packing your way. Thanks again!

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