storing antiquesAre you always searching for the best find at your local antique shop? Have you accumulated so many antiques over the years, that now you don’t know what to do with them? Or maybe your prized antique collection won’t fit in your new home and now  you need to find somewhere to store it? With the right equipment, learn how to properly pack, store, and preserve your antiques!

Use the Right Equipment

Depending on what kind of antiques you are storing, you will want to vary the type of packing material you use to preserve it with. For glasses, china, and smaller items, you’ll want to use a glass pack kit that includes foam pouches or a dish saver kit. For larger items, use a furniture pad or bubble wrap to wrap around and to stuff delicates.

storing antiquesPack Properly

If you are storing an antique made of wood, polish the wood to protect it before wrapping in a furniture pad and securing it with twine or tape. If storing an antique made of silver, you can buy camphor blocks and place them near the silver to prevent any tarnishing from occurring. For packing fragile vases, you will want to make sure you stuff bubble wrap or a furniture pad in the interior of the vase, then continue to wrap the vase entirely in the material. Secure either the bubble wrap or the furniture pad (whichever you choose) with packaging tape or even twine. Tightly cover any breakables this way and you will be good to go!

storing antiquesStore Properly

Whether you are looking into long-term or short-term storage, be sure to find the storage facility that is closest to you. Most U-Haul storage units have climate controlled storage available, which may be the best option when looking to preserve your delicate items. When storing wood-based furniture, always place them on top of a furniture pad or drop cloth and in a climate-controlled room to prevent any warping or splitting of the wood. For better results, finish the wood with a polish before storing. This type of storage will keep humidity and hot temperatures from affecting the original structure of the furniture. For more tips on using climate-controlled storage, click here. If you are renting a moving truck to get your antiques to your storage unit, learn how to properly deal with your valuables on moving day. Anything that is china, crystal, or sterling silver will need extra attention when packaging up so that it does not break in transportation.

Have you tried storing your antiques recently? How did you choose to store them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 Responses to Tips for Storing Antiques

  1. Bryce Trout says:

    My grandma just gave me and my wife a ton of antique items. We really love all of them, but don’t have room for them in our apartment right now. We didn’t want to just throw these items in a storage unit and have them rot, so we really liked your tips about how to store our items properly. We are thinking that we are going to start looking for humidity controlled units now. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My mom was huge into collecting antiques, and now that she has passed on, it is now my job to make sure that all of her antiques are stored properly. That being said, you talk about how if the antique is made of wood, the wood should be polished and wrapped in a furniture pad before being put into storage. I can see how doing this will ensure that the furniture piece gets properly cleaned, and this ensures that it is protected from any harm that could be caused by an outside source. Thank you so much for sharing!

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