Open vs. Enclosed Trailers

Are you planning a move but do not have a vehicle large enough to transport your items? Trailers are a must for do it yourself movers worldwide. It can transform your vehicle into a hauling machine and transports your belongings to your destination. Trailers have been making moving easier one load at a time, and come in different varieties. From cargo to utility, depending on the items in your load, you can decide on whether to choose an open or enclosed trailer.

Cargo Trailers

Open vs. Enclosed Trailers

Cargo Trailers are entirely enclosed rentals and provide the most protection from outside factors. Enclosed cargo protects against adverse weather conditions including snow and rain, and allows you to lock up when the trailer is left unattended. If you are going to embark on a long trip then it is recommended that you use a closed trailer. They are popular for both personal and business moves, and ideal for household goods. Enclosed trailers are perfect for transporting valuable or precious items that need protection from weather, and moving files, books, records, and your favorite cloth sofa. If you are hauling luggage on a cross country move, transporting furniture and moving fitness equipment, or a college student moving to your dorm, than a cargo trailer is the right choice.

Open vs. Enclosed Trailers

Utility Trailers

Open vs. Enclosed Trailers

Utility trailers have an open top half and offer more flexibility in moving larger, taller items. It has an advantage in transporting items with an unconventional shape or bigger appliances. Open trailers are popular for local moves, deliveries and home improvement projects. They are perfect for towing lawn equipment for landscaping work, building supplies, or bulky items. Trailer use is not only limited to moving! Hook a open utility trailer to your car to go garage sale shopping or antique shopping.

Open vs. Enclosed Trailers

The type of trailer you need depends on the load you carry. Now that you have learned the right kind of trailer to select, you need to choose the right size trailer. U-Haul puts safety first and advises all trailer customers to load the trailer heavier in the front, use tie-downs to secure your load, and drive slower and with caution. Save time and reserve and schedule your rental online!

Have you ever used a trailer to move? We want to know! Tell us below in the comment’s section.

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One Response to When to Choose an Open vs. Enclosed Trailer

  1. Megan says:

    Thanks for explaining the difference between an open and an enclosed trailer. I’ve always wanted a trailer, and I think I might finally buy one this year. You mentioned that utility trailers offer more flexibility in moving large items. That would definitely come in handy for my family; it seems like we are constantly helping one of our friends move furniture!

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