From time to time you may wonder, “Can I rent a trailer and haul that giant marble statue I want to buy so badly?” Luckily, U-Haul’s website makes it easy to see how much you can expect to tow with your vehicle and one of their trailers! The first step is to go to the trailers page of their website and select when and where you will be renting a trailer. If you’re not sure when you’ll actually need it, then simply choose any date for now and come back later to book the reservation once you know the exact date. We always recommend booking in advance, so be sure to book as soon as you know the date!

Once you’ve selected a date and location, hit the “Get Rates” button and you will be prompted to enter your vehicle information. Once you’ve entered this information the page will display the various trailers you can rent and how much weight you can haul in each one, depending on your particular tow vehicle and your hitch system rating. If you’re not sure what your hitch system rating is, find the following information on the various pieces of your hitch system.

Hitch Rating

Finding your hitch’s rating is simple, there should be a label on your hitch where you can find the amount it is rated for.

How Much Weight Can My Vehicle Tow?

Hitch Ball Rating

To find your hitch ball‘s rating, look on the top of the ball or on its side at the base of the shank.

How Much Weight Can My Vehicle Tow?

Ball Mount Rating

Last but not least, to find the rating for your ball mount you should check the front of it or the shaft the goes into the receiver.

How Much Weight Can My Vehicle Tow?

Last Step, What’s Your Hitch System Rating?

Once you’ve checked all the info above, the last thing you need to do is compare them all, and whichever number is LOWEST is your hitch system rating. For example, if your hitch ball is rated for 6,000 pounds, your ball mount is rated for 5,000, and your hitch is rated for 3,500 pounds; your hitch system rating would be 3,500 pounds. So in the example below, if your hitch system rating was 3,500, then with the specified trailer you’d be able to haul 1,650 pounds. Not quite enough for a giant marble statue, but certainly more than enough for your average haul!

How Much Weight Can My Vehicle Tow?

Have any questions? We’re more than happy to help, leave them in the comments!

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