How to Transport Your Camping Equipment

If you’re camping with a group of people or staying out for multiple days, it’s likely you have a lot of stuff with you. From the basic necessities like food, water, sleeping bags and your tent to the more fun things like your kayak, mountain bikes, fire ring and guitar, you have a lot of things to bring with you. If you’re like me, this means needing to tow some items behind me or find a larger vehicle to transport my camping equipment, because let’s face it, my little Fiat is sure not going to fit all of this. Here are some methods that you can use to transport your camping equipment:

Transporting Your Bicycle - How to Transport Your Camping EquipmentHow to Transport Your Bicycle

Whether you’re going on your camping trip solo and only need the one bike or need to transport 5 for you and your friends, a bike rack, trailer or cargo van will all suit your needs.

  • Bike Rack – If your vehicle is equipped with a hitch, you can attach a bike rack to the back of your vehicle and pack the rest of your belongings in the trunk or a rooftop cargo carrier. Bike racks can carry up to 5 bikes so if you have more than that, secure your bicycle to the inside of a trailer.
  • Trailer or Cargo Van – Towing a trailer also provides more space for your other camping goods. If your vehicle is not equipped with a hitch or doesn’t have the towing capacity for the trailer you need, renting a cargo van is another great option.

Transporting Your Campsite - How to Transport Your Camping EquipmentHow to Transport Equipment for Your Campsite

  • Cargo Carrier – Even when it comes to the everyday stuff, sometimes your own vehicle simply doesn’t have enough space. Attaching a cargo carrier to your rooftop or hitch is a great way to provide extra space for your tent, clothing or hiking equipment without using a cargo van or trailer.
  • Trailer  If you’re going with a larger group or bring larger equipment such as an ATV, you will want to rent a trailer to tow your camping equipment. Find out which trailer best suits your camping needs here.

Transporting Your Fishing Equipment - How to Transport Your Camping EquipmentHow to Transport Your Fishing Equipment

  • Cargo Carrier – A camping trip just isn’t complete without freshly caught fish. To get your rods, tackle boxes and the rest of your fishing equipment with you to the campsite, you can pack them up into a cargo carrier. Fishing equipment may take up some extra space but by itself so a cargo carrier provides extra space without needing to tow a trailer or rent a larger vehicle.
  • Trailer or Cargo Van – Of course if fishing is just part of a long list of activities that you have planned for your camping excursion or you are going with a larger group of people, you can also pack your rods and nets into a trailer or van.

Transporting Your Kayak - How to Transport Your Camping EquipmentHow to Transport Your Kayak

  • Kayak Carrier – The best way to transport your kayak would be using a kayak carrier attached to your rooftop or hitch. Once the kayak is secure you can load up the rest of your belongings into the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Cargo Van – If you need to bring your kayak alongside a bunch of other camping equipment, a kayak will fit diagonally inside a cargo van. If you choose to use this method, be sure to place the kayak in the van first and pack the rest of your camping goods around it. If your group is trying to bring multiple kayaks you will likely need to come in separate vehicles.

How to Transport Your Kayak - Transporting Your Kayak - How to Transport Your Camping Equipment

What is your favorite method for transporting camping equipment? Share in the comments below!

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