Propane is the number one alternative fuel for the automotive sector, powering more than 8 million vehicles in more than 38 countries. Moreover, propane vehicles have the longest driving range of any alternative fuel. Still, there is a common misconception with autogas alternative fuel vehicles that finding a place to fuel your car or equipment fleet can be tough. Whether you are a current autogas owner or are thinking of converting your car to this alternative fuel, finding a refill location is actually very easy. You can even use these same autogas fueling locations to refill propane in your RV, food truck or propane tank.

Autogas Alternative Fuel Vehicle research each location

Autogas Alternative Fuel Vehicle Trip Planner

Whether you’re looking for an autogas refill location to refuel your vehicle on the way to work or to plan out a cross country road trip, finding those locations is easy. U-Haul has an autogas alternative fuel vehicle trip planner that finds those locations and maps them out for you.

Step 1: Search Between 2 Locations

Once you are on the U-Haul Propane page, scroll down towards the bottom. You will then see a section entitled, “Alternative Fuel Vehicles” as shown below. Type in the address you will be starting your trip from in the first box and your ending destination in the second box. Then, simply hit find locations.

Where can I refill my Autogas Alternative Fuel Vehicle?


Step 2: Plot Your Trip

After you have chosen your end and start locations, the autogas alternative fuel trip planner will show your trip plotted out. On this map, you will be shown every location available to refill your tank or car. Just as an example, I picked a route from Phoenix, Arizona to New York. Your route can be as general as this or as detailed as a specific address. You are then provided with the option of finding location anywhere from 5 – 60 miles off of your direct route. Locations that are only able to refill your propane tank are displayed with a blue marker. Locations where you can refill your autogas propane powered vehicle, propane tank, RV or food truck are displayed with an orange marker.

Where can I refill my Autogas Alternative Fuel Vehicle?

Step 3: Pick your Refill Locations

Now that you can see all of your location options, you can dive in a little bit deeper. Click on any of the markers displayed on your map. As an example, I clicked a marker displayed in Oklahoma. This brought up a box informing me that this specific autogas alternative fuel vehicle refill location is U-Haul Moving & Storage of Edmond in Edmond, Oklahoma. Additionally, it gives me this location’s prices per gallon, hours of operation, address and phone number. It also provides to option to add this location to my route.

Where can I refill my Autogas Alternative Fuel Vehicle?

Step 4: Print your Driving Instructions

Below the plotted map on your propane autogas trip planner you will find step-by-step driving instructions. As you add a refueling location to your route, it is added to your trip instructions. Below is a portion of the driving instruction from this trip from Phoenix to New York. As you can see, driving instructions to stop by U-Haul Moving & Storage of Edmond were added to this trip. For each location that you add to your route, the driving directions will be added to your printable instructions. Of course, if you would rather go paperless you could always make note of these and map them one-by-one on your mobile device or GPS.

Autogas Alternative Fuel Vehicle research each location

Have you used U-Haul to refuel your autogas alternative fuel vehicle? Share in the comments!

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