One of the best opportunities you can experience in college is studying abroad. It’s a great way to learn more about a subject matter or the world in general. Once you make the decision to study abroad, it is time to plan the logistics of how you will get there and what you need to bring. The easiest way to get your things to your destination city is to use U-Box® Portable Moving & Storage Containers. The U-Box International Team will ship your things to you and align the U-Box® containers’ arrival within five days of your arrival. Let them take care of your things and the logistics for importing them!

One Stop Shop

There is no need to look any further for a way to get your belongings to you while you study abroad! U-Box® Portable Moving & Storage Containers coordinate shipping to any port in the world. This means that wherever you choose to study, a U-Box® container will get your things to you!

Travel Lightly

Depending on the length of stay, even the best packers struggle to travel lightly when studying abroad. Between your books, clothes, shoes and camera, you have a lot to bring with you. Using a U-Box® Portable Container to ship your belongings to your destination instead of hauling them on the plane keeps your things safe along your journey. You’re also free to make a couple stops along the way, knowing that your container will meet you at your final destination! U-Haul works with experienced ocean carriers so your belongings arrive safely. Now, that, is peace of mind!

Time Estimate

It takes approximately eight weeks for your things to arrive at your international location. So, make sure you plan ahead and reserve ASAP. Studying abroad takes time and planning to ensure you have what you need when you arrive at your destination.


While you’re out exploring the world, even thrill seekers and adventurous students still find comfort in having their belongings from home with them! A U-Box® container allows you to bring essential items and maybe a couple items that make you feel like home, while you travel the world.

Security & Protection

Your things are secure when you use a U-Box® Portable container. They are not shared with other customers. Every customer uses their own lock and key. For more protection, two dozen furniture pads come with every container. Furniture pads cushion and keep your items from shifting for maximum protection. Additionally, U-Box® containers are made of breathable plywood and covered in weather resistant tarps. This makes them perfect for international travel.

Expert Guides

The U-Box® International Moving Team will guide you through every step of your journey. They will provide all of the documents needed to import your belongings. They will help you at the origin and the destination of your trip.

How it Works:

Step 1. Fill out the international quote form and select the number of moving containers needed. After that, your custom quote is built and emailed to you.

Step 2: Once you accept your quote, the U-Box® Container International Moving Team will work with you to plan your international move. They will help you fill out all necessary documentation needed for international shipping and customs clearance, making it hassle free for you!

Step 3:  Plan how to get your U-Box® containers to your new temporary home with a referred port agent that specializes in international moves.

Moving to your study abroad program becomes so easy when you use a U-Box® Portable Moving & Storage Container. Get a quote for your international move here. Enjoy your time abroad, embrace the moment and learn as much as possible!

Have you ever studied abroad? Share your experience in the comments.

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