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15 Responses to Guest Posting

  1. anne rowland says:

    Uhaul needs to get their stuff together when it comes to renting u-boxes. Nobody knows how to do the contract or add insurance. I hauled things to my u-box for 5 days and they still couldn’t figure out how to make the contract on the computer. So the guy called the help desk and I waited for an hour listening to the recording that said someone would be right there to help. They never did so the store manager took our information and told us to go he would call us when it was done. I stopped by the store at closing and still no confirmation that I have insurance. That is everything my daughter owns in that box and they are supposed to ship it to Tennessee for us. I called the 800 number several times during yhe day and waited over 15 minutes each time. Unexceptable. They need to hire more help and profect their computer software before pushing these u- boxes that no one knows how to handle. You are a greedy company and only care about collecting money, you don’t really care about your customers and surely don’t care about your employees. I hope I never have to use uhaul ever again.

    • Paige E says:

      Hello Anne, I apologize you had this experieince with adding the coverage for your Portable Storage. A formal complaint file has been created for you and brought to the attention of our U-Box team. A team member will be contacting you directly. If you have any further questions, please contact Thanks!

  2. Michael Nichols says:

    Beware of U haul. Second time went on line to make reservation for trailer where they have completely screwed it up. Changed my pick up location without any notification. When I went to pick up trailer at location designated on line was informed reservation had been changed. Pick up time was affected because location which is not even the town I live in nor what was chosen making my reservation does not open until an hour later. Had to wait in parking lot. Real fun, not very frustrating and just a bad experience. So beware. A zero star rating for u haul. Who is their competition? I will start using whomever it is and not u haul

    • Paige E says:

      Thank you for bringing to our attention. Our scheduling team helps to locate the closest pick up location with available equipment. I apologize if the the location made a last minute modification to your reservation. Please email your reservation number along with a contact number to reach you to

  3. dong zhao says:

    How can I apply for U-Box delivery load , unload service

    • Paige E says:

      Hi Dong, you can find local laborers at to assist you deliver, load and unload your U-Box portable storage container. You can also go online to order your U-Box container here.

    • Avinash says:

      nah, you would just have to tie down or lock the steering wheel. if it dnoset lock straight than you would have to wrap the seatbelt around the steering wheel. i do it all the time when i wheel lift cars. if you want a video demonstrating it let me know.

  4. Philip Boepple says:

    I have moved several times in my life, especially during the 1990’s when my feet were itching. I moved all around the country, and became part of many different people of different states. And the biggest thing that made all this possible was U-HAUL! No joke about it. A lot of the time I had only relied on low paying jobs that I found quick and often through “temp-agencies” where I put my several small skills to work. I lived out my youth like as if it were almost an obligation to myself. Guess I only owed it to myself. And I loved every state that I lived in. (I am settled now though.) And often, I would aim to really save money since I was not rich. I would check out all the different options that were available and all the different moving truck rental companies, funny that EVERY SINGLE TIME, I ended up choosing U-Haul. And I also caught my eyes on all the stunning advertisements that these other truck rental companies had, talking of how greatly I would save by renting from them, U-Haul kicked them all ! !

  5. John says:

    The worst service ever got from the St. Louis “corporate” and Overland location. I Booked a truck paid to reserve it in full. “corporate” st. Louis cancelled it. Called the Overland. No one ever answers calls. all calls go to call-center. Again booked same truck with “call center” (lady said she was in that location (lied). . Again got order cancelled. No one to talk to. Kenny the Overland manager never answer calls. wasted a whole day going there and back. Not worth it. St. Louis “corporate” office is even worse. talked to “Angela” a manager. She was so rude and refused to help. Refused to let me know the phone number for Linda a manager there. STAY AWAY FROM THIS OVERLAND LOCATION. The worst service ever.
    and…impossible to find a place to write a complaint…

    • Paige E says:

      John, I’m truly sorry for the overall issues and experience you had at the location as well as the call center. For sure this is not how customers should be treated and apologize you had this experience. If possible, please send your rental contract number to along with your contract number and the team will be able to help make it right.

    • Philip Boepple says:

      You said “Angela” was the manager there, was her full name “Angela King” by any chance?

  6. Kim Francis says:

    I rented a uhaul truck. I now have BED BUGS on my couch. Lucky, the movers saw them prior to moving it into the house. I don’t have BED BUGS any place else. I don’t have any bites nor does my daughter. They came from the truck. I purchased insurance for the truck. Uhaul will not do anything to reimburse my money or for my couch. As a matter of fact, the manager Tammy Huber was extremely rude about the situation.
    I called customer service as soon as they were seen and asked they if i need any proof. They told me no that they don’t require that so I didn’t take any pictures.
    I want my money back any for them to replace my couch. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

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