Preparing for an Organization Overhaul

Yesterday marked the first day of summer! While the temperatures outside are soaring, you may find yourself looking for new activities you can do indoors. Movies and crafts are great, but summer can also be the perfect time to get focused, get some organization, and recharge your life.

photo by bluishorange via Flick cc.

We invite you to join us on a season-long journey of overhauling and organizing your home–one room at a time. If you missed spring cleaning, this is the perfect opportunity to get caught up. And inevitably, once fall is here, life is in full swing again with kids going back to school and holidays just around the corner. Make this summer about you, your home, and getting organized.

Over the next 13 weeks, we will guide you through a complete home organization project with special blog posts for every area of your home. We will also equip you with great tips tricks to bring organization into other areas of your life, and make your summer efforts last year round.

Getting started:

Before we begin, grab a pen and paper and write down your ultimate goal of this project. Is it less fumbling in the morning? More time with the family each evening? Perhaps you just want to cross “cleaning the over-packed closet” off of your to-do list? Whatever your goal, clearly defining it will help you stay on track and make your completion that much more rewarding. Also, begin to gather some of the items we will use along the way. Trash bags, boxes and tape, and some extra storage containers will all come in handy throughout the organization process.

Stay tuned next week when we get our project “cooking” with some kitchen organization ideas.