Where to Sell, Trash and Donate Old Items

donateThe summer is ending, and so may be your organization overhaul. While you’ve made your way through each room in the house to de-clutter, you’ve likely collected a lot of things you are ready to part with. Whether you want to sell, trash or donate your old items, choose carefully where you do it. You can end up helping someone in need, or making some extra money. Here our some of the greatest ways to sell, trash and donate,


Garage sale: This classic go-to is an affordable option you can do from your own garage or driveway. Remember to price items reasonably. It is often irrelevant what you paid for an item brand new when you are selling it at a garage sale. Set up your sale early in the morning during the weekend, and post signs directing traffic to the sale around your neighborhood. Use bright colored paper, or a box sign like this to make it noticeable.

Clothing exchange: I recently discovered the beauty that is clothing exchanges, and for that my life will never be the same! If you have clothes that no longer fit you, or that you simply don’t wear, bring them to your local clothing exchange store to get some cash or store credit. They are likely to buy gently used items in good shape, but will not take clothing that is extremely “worn-in”.

Poshmark iphone app

Poshmark.com: This awesome new iPhone app allows you to sell old items in your closet with a few simple clicks. You take a photo and create a listing of the item you wish to sell, and then other shoppers in the community can shop them! Check out poshmark.com.


Recycle/Repurpose: The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is true! It is possible that someone in your very own neighborhood can make use of something that you no longer want or need. Post a listing on Craigslist, or your local bulletin board, and see just how quick you can get it off your hands. In some cases, your city may even have a special program for recycling your old items.

Garbage: You can, of course, throw away your items in the garbage. In some cases, you may need to order an additional dumpster, or consider the Bagster, brought to you by Waste Management. You can pick up one of these large, durable bags at your local hardware store, and then schedule a pickup once you’ve filled it up!


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Thrift Stores: Stores operated by Goodwill or the Salvation Army, for example, are great places to donate your old items. Many of these donations help people in need, whether trying to find a job, recover after a disaster, or get their lives back on track.

Local Charity: There are hundreds of small charities in every major city that operate solely on donations. It is worth checking into these charities to see if they can make use of what you have. Try searching for a cause you’d like to contribute to, and call the center to schedule a drop-off.

So, before you throw your old items away for good- get creative and think about how you can turn your items into an opportunity for yourself, or someone else! If you need some help deciding whether you should Keep it or Toss it, read this post!

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