Shoe Storage: How to Organize your Shoes

Shoes come in every shape and size, so organizing your shoes can be quite the challenge!  This challenge can be amplified if you have little space to work with.  We are going to share some ideas to organize your shoes, no matter how much space you have.

Over the Door Shoe Storage
Over the Door Shoe Storage

The first thing you should do before you begin to organize your shoes is determine how many shoes you have. Start by looking at your collection and getting rid of any shoes that are damaged beyond repair, don’t fit any more, or are unbearable to wear (unless they’re really cute!).  Once you have a good shoe count under your belt, look around and up.  Determine what spaces you have available for shoe storage. Do you have an empty wall, closet space or a free door? Be realistic, and consider how many pairs of shoes you usually add or remove from your collection per year. Make sure you account for the additions in your storage solution.

They say the average woman has between 19-21 pairs of shoes.   If this is consistent with your collection, your shoe storage can probably be handled with a  shoe rack. There are several options for shoe racks on the web.  You can do the standard floor racks that are stackable,  or the over the door racks. You can  usually pick up these up for between $12-$30 for racks that carry up to 30 pairs of shoes.

shoe storage
Shoe Obsession Confirmed!

Do you bring a U-Haul truck to the shoe store with you? Well, if you are a little obsessed with shoes like me, you probably have more shoes than the average woman.  If this is the case, then you probably need to consider other options or purchase several shoe racks.  I opted to convert an extra bedroom in my home into a closet, so I could display my shoes and clothes, making it easier for me to decide what to wear.

Shoe storage
Use a bookcase to store your shoes!
Shoe storage
Store more shoes in less space!

I have two types of shoe storage in my closet.  For the bulk of my shoes I use bookcases that I picked up from Target for $30. You can buy shoe shelves but they are much pricier.  I can line the shoes up front to back so that I can fit about 9 pairs across. For my flats and flip flops I use a 15 slot cubby hole by closetmaid. The cubby storage allows me to fit a lot more pairs in to a smaller space.

If you are very limited on space, consider only keeping your shoes out in season.  For example Once spring starts, put your boots in a plastic storage container under your bed or in storage, and pull out your sandals and flip flops.  This will keep your shoe storage more manageable all year round.

If you want to get really creative with your shoe storage, then you can hang your heels on crown molding, or build a storage rack out of pipes. For more creative shoe storage options see this post from Babble.

Creative Shoe Storage
Crown Molding Shoe Storage

No matter how you choose to store your shoes, make sure you take care in their placement so that you can access them easily.   Be realistic on how much work you are willing to do to keep your shoes organized, otherwise they will maintain their permanent home… on the floor!

Was this post helpful? Do you have any other shoe storage or organization solutions? Please share!