How to Find Furniture Deals for Your New Home

I love to shop and have a passion for home design. But, above all else, I consider myself a connoisseur of finding deals. When you are making a large purchase of any type, from electronics to furniture, it’s worth it to take your time, check out every possible avenue, and do your research in order to find the best deals. Below, I’ll share some of my favorite places to hunt for furniture deals. Read on before you furnish your new home.

Craigslist This is a great online classified community, and happens to be a great place to find furniture. Most users will upload pictures of their furniture so you can see it before even contacting them. In many cases, you’ll find great deals where furniture is in great condition, but the owners may be moving, may have recently upgraded, or are redecorating their home. One important word of advice: when going to examine a piece of furniture in person, be smart. Do not go alone, do not carry a large amount of cash, and be sure to have your cell phone handy in case of an emergency. One of my favorite sites to find great deals, Amazon is also a nice place to browse furniture. It is possible to save upwards of 50% on the same furniture pieces available at your local furniture store showrooms. The main drawback here is the shipping cost, which can sometimes be a few hundred dollars. It’s worth looking into, though, because saving $500 off of the list price may justify a $250 shipping charge.

Local Independent Stores Sometimes, local shops have higher prices than larger, national retailers. But, the great news is, sometimes they also have amazing deals that you won’t find in a larger chain stores. Check out the clearance department of these mom and pop shops regularly and you are sure to find a steal or two. Another perk: these small retailers will go above and beyond to give you the best customer service around just to gain your business.

Retailer’s Websites Check out the websites of your favorite furniture stores often. When and if they are having a sale, go into the store to ask if they can match it. Also, be sure to sign up for e-mail offers to receive additional savings. When you decide to go right to your favorite furniture store from the start, the most important key to savings will be to be patient. If you fall in love with a piece of furniture, then keep your eye on it for a month or two. Often, when these stores roll out new merchandise each season, they will discount the previous season’s styles (just like clothing). You can find some great deals this way.

dealsThrift stores This option is especially great if you have a creative spark and penchant for re-purposing. At your local thrift store, you can find furniture which may be worn, but has great “bones” (think armoires or hutches). If you are willing to put some time into it, a little sanding and a stain can make these pieces look as good as new. Or, you can distress them even more for a unique shabby-chic look. Ultimately, you’ll feel great knowing how much you saved and that you put some of your own elbow grease into the project.

When furnishing your new home, get a taste of the style you like before you go shopping, then get creative. Use the tips above to save some money, and (if you’re like me) you’ll enjoy it so much more because of it!

Do you have any special tips for saving money on furniture? Let us know below in the comments.