How To Hook Up a Hitch

how to hook up a hitchDo you know how to hook up a hitch? It is not a difficult process. Anyone can learn how to hook up a hitch for their trailer, but it is very important to learn how to do so properly and safely. You definitely do not want your trailer to come un-hitched when you are driving down the road!

This video from the U-Haul Safe Trailering video series is presented by Shannon Papa, the U-Haul Trailer Program Manager. She gives you the steps to properly hook up two of the most common types of trailer hitches you might find. The first type of hitch in this video is a ball housing and clamp. The second hitch in this video is a latch coupler.

Remember, once you have followed all of the steps in this video , make sure you check, double check and triple check. Safety first!

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When was the last time you rented a trailer? Have you ever hooked up a hitch before? Let us know below in the comments.