How Much Trailer Weight is Allowed?

How do you know how much weight is allowed in your rental trailer?

– Geoff H. from Lansing, MI

trailerThis is a great question, Geoff, and one that everyone needs to know the answer to before attempting to tow a trailer. On each trailer, you will find decals that indicate the its capacity, but the trailer’s capacity is not the same as the recommended weight. Your recommended weight may be lower than the maximum weight capacity because of your particular vehicle, or the capacity of your hitch. U-Haul will validate your specific tow vehicle, that vehicle’s hitch system rating, and the capacity of the specific trailer that will be used. U-Haul calculates the recommended cargo weight and notes it on your rental contract.

Remember that some loads may appear smaller but are dense and heavy. Items such as boxes of books, food products, building materials and firewood are much heavier than regular household furnishings. You may only fill the trailer 1/3 full with these types of goods before exceeding the max weight of the trailer. Sand and gravel are even heavier. Just remember- do not overload the allowed weight indicated on your contract. Always follow the standards given for safe loading.

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