Is Backing up a Trailer Difficult?

Is backing up a trailer difficult?

-Michelle S. from Tempe, AZ

Great question, and certainly one we receive often. Towing a rental trailer can be different, and backing up with one is no exception. When backing up with a trailer, it is always better to park in pull-through into a parking spot, but sometimes it is going to be necessary to back up your trailer. Practicing in an open lot will help you learn the skills before they are put to the test in a tight spot. Some helpful advice is listed below:

  • trailerWhile looking over your shoulder, hold onto the bottom of the steering wheel and move it in the direction you want the trailer to turn.
  • If you want the trailer to move sharply, turn the steering wheel before you move the vehicle. If you want to turn more gradually, turn the steering wheel as the vehicle is moving.
  • If the trailer starts to jack-knife, pull forward to straighten it out and start again.
  • Practice these basics before you go.
  • If you would like a comprehensive lesson on proper loading and driving techniques for towing a trailer, watch this video on

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