What do I Need to Know About Trailer Hookup?

What do I need to know about trailer hookup?

– Laura W. from Phoenix, AZ

trailerWatching and assisting in the trailer hookup at the center or dealer is the best way to learn what you need to know. You should be knowledgeable enough to inspect the connections while traveling, and able to disconnect and reconnect in case of an emergency. The list below tells you what components should be checked at each stop prior to driving with the trailer attached.

  • Hitch ball is attached securely to the ball mount (drawbar).
  • Drawbar is secured to the hitch with cotter pin.
  • Coupler housing is completely seated on the ball.
  • Coupler hand wheel is fastened tightly.
  • Safety chains are attached and not so long that they will drag.
  • Lights are operational.
  • These videos provide more information on trailers and towing.

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