Does My Auto Insurance Cover Rental Trucks and Trailers?

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Rental Trucks and Trailers?

– Jonah J. from McKinney, TX

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Don’t get caught without insurance when you move.

Accidents can happen. Sometimes you can avoid them, and sometimes you can’t. Would your auto insurance cover a rental truck or trailer? It is always important to ensure that you have coverage. That way you don’t have to worry about huge out of pocket expenditures should an accident occur, and can have a little bit of piece of mind.

Many people believe that their auto insurance covers their rental truck when they move. The only way to tell if your auto insurance policy will cover your move is to ask your insurance agent. We have a blog post on insurance for your move that you can find here. You can find all of the contact information for many popular insurance companies here.  Even if your auto insurance does not cover your move, that doesn’t mean you do not have options. U-Haul offers different levels of damage coverage for your move. You can learn more about Safemove here.

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