How to Load a Portable Storage Unit

IMG_3009It’s moving time… You have rented a portable storage unit or moving container, and now you want to ensure that your belongings make the move in one piece. This post will help you identify the best practices and the most effective ways to load a portable storage container to make sure your stuff doesn’t become damaged while in transit.

Before you can start loading your portable storage unit, you must remove the weather resistant vinyl cover and open the portable unit. To do this, go to the back of the storage container and fold over the top vinyl cover and fold back the side covers by securing it on the Velcro side tabs.

Before we get started with the loading tips, you will need to gather at least three things:

  1. Three dozen furniture pads
  2. Tie downs or rope
  3. Hand truck / utility dolly

How to Load the Big & Heavy Stuff

We always suggest loading your items in a manner that distributes the weight evenly from left to right for added stability. If even weight distribution is not possible, place the heaviest items right in the center of the storage container for added stability. Always load your items from the bottom up. If you are loading appliances, utilize the utility dolly as it can carry more weight and will be more ideal than a regular, lightweight dolly. Begin at the front of the U-Box contianer and work way toward the back of the portable storage unit; you can stand large items like couches on end to maximize space.

Remove legs from tables and chairs, this will help your belongings fit in the portable unit much easier. Build tiers from the floor to the ceiling spanning from side to side creating wall-like layers, this will also evenly distribute weight and avoid any load shift. Use ropes or tie-downs between each of your tier walls to add extra security to your belongings, once again avoiding load shift.

How to Load the Fragile Stuff

cell kitGlass or fragile items should be wrapped in furniture pads, first to prevent any damage, the last thing you want is to open a box and see that all your fine china and glassware is broken. An even safer route is to use the cell kit to create separation of glasses to avoid them breaking.

Televisions should be properly covered when loading to avoid damage; furniture pads work great for this. If you have a larger, more valuable flat screen TV, U-Haul offers two sizes of flat screen TV boxes that are specifically designed to securely transport TV’s sized anywhere from 32”-50” and 50”-60”.

Using Furniture Pads

Using furniture pads will reduce the risk of scratching valuable pieces of furniture such as wood tables and dressers as well as desks, armories and shelving. Also, use rolled up furniture pads to fill any open gaps or voids to prevent load shift.

Pack your portable storage unit as tightly as possible Remember to place pads between boxes as cushion to prevent them from shifting around. If you are unable to load the moving container yourself, professional moving helpers are available by the hour and are experienced with loading for weight distribution, building layers creating a wall-like tiers, and of course, saving your back from the heavy lifting.

Whether you are using a portable storage unit for moving or for storage, these tips will help you along the way to ensure that your things do not get broken. The best part about U-Box containers is that you are in control of your move, the flexible delivery and storage options will accommodate your every need. For more information on loading your U-Box container, check out the video below: