Why Move With Portable Storage Containers?

Why Move With Portable Storage containers?There are many times where a rental truck may not be the best fit for your move. If this is the case, portable storage containers may be more suitable for your moving needs.  Below are a few advantages of using portable storage containers for moving and storage.

Delivery: Not everyone has a driver’s license, or the ability to drive. You can always hire a laborer from Moving Help to drive a truck for you, but portable storage containers offer you more flexibility. The Container can be dropped off at your door for loading, then when you are done it can be picked up and then delivered to your final destination.

portable storage containersInternational Moves: If you are making an international move, you can’t drive a rental truck across the ocean. International moves can be complicated and expensive, but portable moving and storage containers can make your international move easier. The storage unit is delivered to your door so that so you can pack it. When you are ready, it is picked up and shipped to your destination country, worry-free. This is a much better option than what I did when I made an international move: stuffing every suitcase I owned within an inch of its life.

Need Storage: There are many reasons why you might not be able to move directly from one home to another. When my parents moved, their new home took longer than they expected to close, but they had already sold their old home and needed to move out. They used  U-Box portable storage containers to store some of their stuff, and then U-Haul stored and delivered them when they were ready to move into their new home. You can also use portable containers for storage- even if you are not moving anywhere, but just need some extra storage space.

portable storage containersNeed Time: Don’t want the stress of packing and loading within a limited amount of time? With portable moving and storage, you can get the unit delivered to your home and take as long as you need to load it up or to unload it when you are done. Who couldn’t use more time? You can make sure that your items are loaded exactly how you want without the stress of a tight timeline. You can get tips on how to load your portable storage unit here.

Flexibility: Are you moving into a smaller place and some of your family heirlooms or other possessions going to live with your relatives? With a portable storage container, you can move to one place and move part of your possessions somewhere else.  Renovating a room in your new home? You can move in most of your home, but keep the items from the room you are renovating in storage until you are ready for them. There are many other benefits to this flexibility. Whatever your needs, portable storage containers allow you to customize your move to your specific needs.

Will you use portable moving and storage units the next time you move? How did you move last time? Let us know in the comments.