What is the Clearance Height of a Moving Truck?

How do you determine the clearance height of a moving truck?

-Michael B.

Look jn your side mirror to see your clearance.
Look in your side mirror to see your clearance.

Thanks for the question on this, Michael. With moving season upon us, more and more drivers are on the road in much larger vehicles than they are used to. I have seen plenty of drivers who drive like the moving truck is as small as their every day cars. People may try to go through drive thru’s, low overpasses, and parking garages in vehicles much too big for these entrances. All U-Haul trucks have the will actually have the clearance height listed backwards on the front side of the cargo area. The reason this is backwards is simple so you can read it in your rear view mirror before attempting to go under a low overhang. U-Haul also has the height information listed on their website so you can research this before your move. Always be sure to check the clearance height before pulling into an overhang to avoid any potential damage that you may in the end be responsible for.

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