Finding a Short Term Apartment Lease in a Big City

I’ll never forget how excited I was when I found out that I had been offered a short term position in one of the largest cities in the country. The capitol of our nation, Washington DC, was about to be my new home in just a few short weeks. The only problem was that I […]

Unique U-Haul Truck Conversions

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the trucks and vans that retire from production at U-Haul?  If you’re like me, you may hope they all get to retire and hang out together in a small sleepy town and once or twice a year get cleaned up and put to work in the town […]

Housewarming Gifts For Your New Neighbor

You’ve seen a moving truck, moving helpers, and plenty of boxes in front of the home that had a “for sale” sign in its yard, so that means you have new neighbors! It’s exciting to have new individuals relocate to your community, and you can help transition them during their move. They’ll be tired from hauling […]

Top Five Overlooked Tasks When Moving

Anyone who’s moving can agree that it is an involved process. You’ve probably already packed your belongings, reserved your moving truck and had your utilities disconnected at your old location (or least have them scheduled for disconnect). But, certain tasks are often overlooked because they are only a small part of the moving process. This […]

Tips for Self Storage in Chicago

The city of Chicago (AKA, the windy city) has many unique climate considerations, especially when you will be storing your goods here for an extended period of time. Not only is the city very windy as it’s nickname implies, but it can also drop to very frigid temperatures in the winter and  become very humid […]

How To Deal With Your Valuables On Moving Day

Transporting all of your goods from your old home to your new home can be a daunting task, especially when not having  prepared for how to deal with your valuables on moving day. Thieves may look at moving trucks as a sign of an individual who will have a busy day ahead of them, and one […]

Moving Truck Defensive Driving

There are several things to keep in mind on moving day. One thing to keep in mind when driving a moving truck is to be respectful to other drivers on the road. Sometimes, other cars don’t give that same respect back which means it is especially important to be attentive, courteous and confident while driving […]

Mastering Public Transportation

As is the case for many new city-dwellers, the moving van you used to move to your new place may be the last vehicle you drive for a while. Recent numbers suggest that the amount of young people driving is on the downturn, and it just happens to be that a lot of young people […]

What to Look for in an Apartment Community

Whether you’re moving into a quaint suburban apartment community or a beautiful apartment in the city, there are many things to consider. Keep some of these things in mind when apartment hunting. Location Sometimes people get distracted with the flashy amenities of a new apartment complex, and they use these amenities as compensation for the […]

4 Ways to Put the Fun Back Into Moving

As a kid, moving was often something I looked forward to. I was able to participate in all the “fun” activities (taping boxes, writing labels with colorful permanent markers, pretending my books were Tetris pieces while packing them), while avoiding the less than enjoyable ones (carrying heavy furniture, boxes bags, etc.) The memory of moving […]

Moving With a Cargo Van

Moving with a cargo van is a great option for your move that many people may overlook. Not everyone lives in massive 6+ bedroom mansions. Most of us have a bit smaller moves to deal with, and for those people a cargo van can be the perfect solution to many of your moving day issues. […]

Pet Proofing Your New Home

The joys of having unpacked all of your belongings from the moving truck is a cause for celebration. But, before settling into your new home, make sure to carefully take the final step in completing your move: Pet proofing your new home. Your pet will need to adjust into the new home and by safely securing […]

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