Housewarming Gifts For Your New Neighbor


You’ve seen a moving truck, moving helpers, and plenty of boxes in front of the home that had a “for sale” sign in its yard, so that means you have new neighbors! It’s exciting to have new individuals relocate to your community, and you can help transition them during their move. They’ll be tired from hauling their belongings into their new home, so you can play a helpful role by properly welcoming them into the neighborhood. Trying to figure out what the nice strangers (whom you’ve yet to meet and spend time with) may like can be tough. Here are some housewarming gifts for your new neighbor!

Fruit & Veggie BasketFood (Baskets and Kits)

Who doesn’t like food? From local to homemade, you have many options to pick from. Creating a food basket or a meal kit is a great way to lessen the hassle of cooking for your new neighbor.

  • DessertKitsFruit basket: It can include small (or seasonal) fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, grapes and bananas.
  • Snack basket: Popcorn, granola bars, chips, cheese, bread and candy can be used to create customized gifts, like a movie theme using popcorn and candy.
  • Pastry basket: It can include homemade (or store bought) goodies like cookies, pies, muffins, cakes and different fruit breads.
  • Dinner kit: A lasagna, soup, taco, pasta, sandwich, hot dog or burger kit is a great way to make friends with the new neighbors.
  • Dessert kit: A cupcake, ice cream or gingerbread kit will make your neighbor’s kids happy, but you can always make a yogurt, coffee, or crepe kit to please your older neighbors.


Moving can stress anyone out, so why not indulge your neighbors with drinks? By providing them with a bottle of wine, frozen beverages or other adult substances you can walk away knowing they’ll have a restful evening after having spent all morning moving into the new neighborhood. Don’t forget that some may prefer non-alcoholic beverages so gifting soda, juices, teas or coffee-like drinks can be a safer route to pursue.

Flowers PlantsHome Decor

Your neighbor will most likely be missing some decoration items, so providing them with  a plant, welcome mat, key holder, candle or flowers is a polite gesture. Keep in mind that you’ll want to gift an item that is normal and neutral, meaning you’ll want to avoid anything in a crazy color as you don’t know their taste in decor.

Garden and Kitchen Tools

A bottle and can opener, oven mitts, takeout menu book and kitchen towels are convenient and usable accessories any kitchen needs. A watering can, shears, seeds and gloves can help kick start that beautiful garden your new neighbor has always wanted.

Don’t Forget About Freddy (and Fido)

Pets and ToysIf you see boxes labeled “kid’s room” or “pet accessories”, it’s safe to guess your neighbor isn’t moving alone. Moving with kids, especially younger children, can be a daunting task for any parent, but by providing game boards or suitable toys for their kids you can help make their move easier. Providing a dog toy or snack will also put you on your neighbor’s good side, as moving with pets will add to their stress levels. By gifting a special toy for your new neighbor’s children or pets, you’ll show them you are a caring and observant individual.

Have you given a housewarming gift to your new neighbor? Do you have any ideas for welcoming new families into your neighborhood? Share your experience in the comments below!