How To Build Furniture Out Of Moving Boxes


After unloading and unpacking all of the belongings you’re left with an ocean of moving boxes in your new home. However, recycling the boxes into furniture can create a fun activity for younger kids as you settle into your new surroundings. Moving with kids can be difficult, but spending time with them on craft projects can help you both de-stress. Here’s how to build furniture out of moving boxes!

Furniture ideas from Family Fun Magazine.
Furniture ideas from Family Fun Magazine.

A City Living Room

In need of a sofa or coffee table? Maybe a skyscraper to add a city-vibe into your new suburban home? Try creating a sitting sofa for the kids to enjoy and use in your new living room. Use a single box to create a coffee table. To add a touch of pizzazz and sophistication, cover the box in wrapping paper. To make a skyscraper find three boxes that can be placed on top of one another, and find small flags that can be placed on top of the building.

Originally published in the January 2011Parents magazine issue.
Originally published in the January 2011 Parents magazine issue.

A Playful Kitchen

Why not let the children cook you up a nice warm meal in your new home? You can help them make a refrigerator, oven and a dish washing station by using two larger to medium boxes and one tall box. Accessorize the kitchen by sticking magnets and handles, and use plastic plates, fruits and foods. Add a colorful cloth to make a curtain to hang in front of the washing station. If you have smaller cooking utensils, like pots, pans or utensils, use those to decorate the kitchen. By using old CD’s you can make the stove’s burners.

A snack stand featured on Adventures in Kindergarten.
A snack stand featured on Adventures in Kindergarten.


A New Take On The Old Lemonade Stand

Tired of making the same old lemonade stand? Create a snack stand that features fruits and sweets. Look for a taller box that can be easily cut apart to make a three panel stand. Cut windows out and add a shelf of boxes to the front for a fruity stand. Don’t forget to add a sign to place on top of the stand!


A kitty playhouse from Martha Stewart.
A kitty playhouse from Martha Stewart.

A Playhouse For Your Pet

Don’t forget about Fido! Make a kitty or puppy playhouse for your pet. By allowing your kids to play with moving supplies you’ll help them adjust into the new home with excitement, but don’t forget that pets need to adjust as well. Make a little home for your pet for them to play and rest in by using two medium boxes stacked on top of another. Add windows for light and a door for your pet to come in and out of.

Have you built furniture out of moving boxes recently? Do you have tips for what to build? Share your experience in the comments below!