Where To Recycle Moving Boxes

Where To Recycle Moving Boxes
You’ve unpacked all of your belongings from the boxes, you’re returned the moving truck and you’ve even organized your new home! But, what are you to do with all of the moving boxes that you’re done using now? Here’s where to recycle moving boxes!

U-Haul Box Durability Re-Purpose The Boxes For Home Use

Where will you place all the holiday decorations? What about bulkier clothing items that you occasionally use? Where will you store all the tools in the garage? Boxes are great for storage and organization purposes around the home, especially U-Haul’s boxes that are built for up to four moves and can last in storage for more than a decade (read about how they’re built strong)! You can even use the cardboard boxes to create crafts for your new home, including furniture!

Utilize Your City’s Recycling Bins

Most cities pass out recycling bins to homeowners, and apartment complexes also have community bins for occupants, to place their recyclable materials in. Take all of your boxes and flatten them before placing them inside the bin. Cities, like Phoenix, even have ways to recycle a large amount of cardboard boxes where they pick up the boxes from your home and don’t charge you a fee! If you don’t have a recycling bin at your home, look around your neighborhood for others who may (you could always nicely ask if you could place yours in a neighbors’).

Take A Box Leave A BoxParticipate in U-Haul’s Box Exchange

U-Haul provides an online community board for individuals who would like to post messages about their moving supplies. From seeking moving supplies to those who are donating them to those who are wanting to sell them, U-Haul’s Box Exchange allows individuals to search all posts as well as browse by location. Don’t forget you can also post a message if you’re wanting to buy, sell or donate your moving boxes!

Particiapte in U-Haul’s Take A Box, Leave A Box

U-Haul offers a drop location inside many stores where customers can drop off their moving boxes for other customers to use, as well as take donated moving boxes for free! It’s a great way to recycle moving boxes if you’ve decided you don’t need them anymore. Search for your nearest U-Haul location!

Call Your Local Charity

Charities are always looking for donations of gently used items. They too have storage needs, so call your favorite charities and offer them your moving boxes! Every charity has different needs, and most will have a purpose for all of your unwanted moving boxes.

Leave a Message Online/Outside Your Home

Take the idea of a yard sell, and cater it to your moving supplies! Post a message outside your home telling the community you have gently used moving supplies for sale or for free. Take that same message and post it online informing the virtual community of your moving supplies up for grab.

Have you recently found yourself with extra moving boxes? How did you recycle them? Tell us in the comments below!