Does Insurance Cover Accidents During Unloading?

Insurance when renting a moving truck can get tricky. Some credit card companies or personal insurance companies claim to have renter’s insurance for vehicles, but you have to read the fine print carefully. Many of these apply only to cars or vehicles that are four-wheeled. So be sure to check with your credit card company or insurance policy before thinking that you are covered.

If you have decided to go with U-Haul’s SafeMove® or SafeMove Plus®, make sure you know what is covered and what is not. Both packages offer a damage waiver, cargo protection and medical/life benefits.

Damage to Equipment loading a truck
Damage to the truck is covered when it is caused by a collision, overturn or fire during the loading or unloading process. While some exclusions may apply, both packages free you of responsibility of all “accidental damage” to the rental truck.

Medical/Life Benefits
Injury or death benefits apply only if the passengers/lessee are inside the cab of the truck when the accident occurs. Coverage limits change based on whether it is the passenger or lessee that is injured.

Cargo Protection
Your goods are covered if the truck is involved in a collision, overturn or fire. If your cargo is damaged during the loading/unloading process or by shifting during transportation, the damage is not covered by either package. Coverage limits are based on whether you have rented the truck as a one-way rental or an in-town rental.

Any damage that might happen during your move can quickly become costly, so again, check with your credit card or personal policy before assuming that you are covered or be sure to get SafeMove® or SafeMove Plus®.