Do’s and Dont’s of a First Apartment Move

The time has come…and you are ready to spread your wings and fly to your first apartment, your first place away from home.  This is an exciting season that is full of possibilities, though not without its challenges.  Use some of the tips below to help your first apartment move go as smoothly as possible.

DO Plan Ahead
You may be a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of person, but your first apartment move is not something you want to procrastinate on!  Give yourself 2-4 full days to look at apartments, drive through neighborhoods to get a feel for the area and make a plan for your move-in.  There are many online resources and apps for your phone, such as Zillow and Hot Pads that can help you check out what is available in your price range and in your desired area.

DO Ask for Helpapartment moving

Ask a friend or family member to join you when searching for a possible new pad so you have a second opinion.  Ask around to see where other friends or acquaintances live or have lived in the past.  You’d be surprised at what you might learn just by asking for help, and you might avoid an unforeseen problem!  When it comes to the actual move-in day, everyone knows the truest test of friendship is helping a friend move…so ask your friends!

 DO Enjoy It!
As much as you have to do, try to appreciate the process.  This is an exciting time and an adventure, so be sure to take time to enjoy this next step you are taking.  It’s okay that not every place is perfect or that your dream apartment might not be available at the right time.  Go with your gut and you will find the best place for you.  Know that wherever you live, you can and will make it your home.  Check out these great decorating ideas.

DON’T Limit Yourself
Keep an open mind when you’re apartment shopping.  Be willing to try an area you might not have considered before.  Is your dream apartment too expensive?  Consider recruiting a roommate so you don’t have to sacrifice the dreamy view or great swimming pool amenity.  By not placing limits on your search, you will keep the process fluid and fun.

 DON’T Take a Risk
Live somewhere you’re comfortable with, where you can afford the rent, where you understand the neighborhood and whether it fits your schedule and lifestyle.  If you value nice, quiet nights indoors, you want to be sure you aren’t moving into the party district! Nothing puts more of a damper on your living arrangements than placing yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

DON’T Rush
You may be tempted to rush yourself because you are eager to move forward with this new stage of life.  Leases are not easy or fun to break, and you do not want to put yourself in a position where you committed nine months or a year to living in a place that doesn’t work for you.  Take your time and carefully evaluate all of your options.  Even if you are tight on time, don’t panic or push yourself.  Ask to stay with a friend or pay a family member for a space at their house before moving.