Moving to George Washington University

Washington DCAre you ready to be a “George” and proudly display the school’s colors of blue and buff? Are you ready to live and go to school in one of the most prestigious cities in America? Then you must be well on your way to George Washington University!


No matter where you are coming from, moving to Washington DC is going to be a drastic change in atmosphere and lifestyle. This elegant city is not only home to the President of the United States and the Smithsonian, but it is also the “Festival Capital of America”!  So when you aren’t busy exploring the nation’s capital treasures, you can soak up the sun while enjoying the festival of your choice, anything from the Cherry Blossom Festival to the National Book Festival.  But before all that you need to reserve that moving truck and move into George Washington University!

Housing at GWUMoving to George Washington University

If you want to live off-campus in DC you better start saving up because if you haven’t heard already, DC is the most expensive city in the U.S. to live in! Luckily, GWU offers great housing plans with various rates for those incoming students who want to experience the dorm life. The residence halls at George Washington University are primarily organized by your year:

Moving To The University

Are you prepared to make the move to campus? Don’t have a printed map of the school? Make sure you keep it handy on moving San Francisco State University Collegeboxesday so you can navigate from your parking spot to your dorm room; however if you would like to avoid the confusion and chaos of moving in with thousands of over students, try packing your stuff at home and having it shipped and delivered to your dorm. Collegeboxes will help students with this easy service and it’s a great alternative.

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How was moving to George Washington University? What tips would you share with incoming students? How was it living in DC? Share your tips in the comments below!