Moving to Tacoma

moving to tacoma

Mount Rainier, coffee, skiing, fishing, history, and art – Tacoma is a city for everyone! Whether you’re from Washington or any other part of the country, moving to Tacoma is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime. Consider these tips when moving to Tacoma:

Deciding Where to Live

Fircrest, University Place, Old Town, Stadium District, Brown’s Point – the list goes on! Most of these neighborhoods have plenty of personality and are affordable, too. So depending on whether you wanted to be located closer to downtown, the University of Pudget Sound, or the bay for your commute, let that be the deciding factor for where you live. Compared to most west-coast living, Tacoma is fairly inexpensive, so you’ll be sure to find something in your price range.

Moving Equipment

When moving to Tacoma, be sure to make a rental truck or trailer reservation as far ahead as possible. Even though there are 19 rental and storage locations in the Tacoma area, take an extra precaution and book your rental needs as soon as possible to avoid any mishaps on moving day. When storing items in Tacoma, be sure to section off your things of in different stages – so your Christmas items go in one corner and your summer items go in another. This makes sure that visits to your storage unit are in-and-out.

tacoma sound transitLiving Like a Local

Living in an urban port city on Washington’s Puget Sound, getting around town can be a challenge. While many people opt to face traffic and drive their own cars, some with shorter commutes take public transportation to and from work. Because of the frequent rains, residents rarely walk or bike to work. Just remember – if you do choose to walk, don’t carry an umbrella! This is the #1 indicator that you are not a local. Just be sure to drink lots of coffee, and you’ll blend right in!

Things to Dotacoma glass museum

Luckily, Tacoma has the highest density of art and history museums for its size. Be sure to visit the Museum of Glass, where you can view live glass-making and glass art from all around the world. America’s Car Museum is also a good place to check out, with about 350 cars, trucks, and motorcycles from private owners, corporations, and more. If history and art isn’t your thing, the year-round rain often leaves the area green and luscious, so be sure to check out some of the local parks. The Point Defiance Park and Zoo is a beautiful place to spend the day with your family. Also, the Ruston Way Walkway makes for the perfect location for a run! Whatever you’re looking for, Tacoma is sure to have it.

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