Should I Take My Car to College?

With the fall semester quickly approaching, you are likely being bombarded with a list of tasks you need to complete before making your move to college. Many students wonder “should I take my car to college” and is it worth it, as many colleges create an atmosphere in which everything you need is a short walk away from your dorm. Before making a decision, every student should consider the different transportation alternatives at their university to see what best suits their needs.

Location and Cost

The first thing you should consider when you’re deciding if you’re going to take your car to college is the environment you’re living in. If you will be living in an urban area with various modes of public transportation, then bringing your car will probably not be necessary. If your college is far away from many locations you will plan to visit frequently during the school year, having a car will probably be your best bet. However, many colleges have parking costs if you want to keep your car there for the year, which can be much more expensive than using public transportation. Analyzing your surroundings and parking pass costs should be the first step in your decision.

Do I Take My Car to College?Transportation Alternatives

Next, you should see what alternatives your college offers for getting around town. Services such as uhaulcarshare allow you to rent out a car for as long as you need it without the hassle of waiting days for approval, and gas and insurance costs are covered in your rental. Saving money is always a priority for college students, and avoiding gas and parking prices could be a simple way to accomplish this goal.

Making Your Decision

Choosing whether or not you will need your car in college is completely based on your individual situation. However, following these steps will help get you on the right track to making the right decision:

  1. If you’re starting as a Freshman, determine if parking on campus is an option and if there is a wait list.
  2. Analyze surroundings/locations you will like to visit during the school year.
  3. Determine gas and parking costs.
  4. See if your college offers transportation alternatives, such as uhaulcarshare.
  5. Cross compare the costs of using public transportation and your own car.

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Did you decide to take your car to college? Do you have any tips for incoming students? Let us know in the comments below!