Getting Around Campus

By this time of the year most college students have finished unpacking the last of the boxes and started to attend class. This is also the time of the year when students without cars begin to realize getting around campus on a bike or skateboard won’t always cut it. So, what other options are there?

Shuttle ServiceGetting around on campus

A large number of colleges provide students with a campus shuttle service. These are especially useful in the case of larger universities where there are multiple campuses. Shuttles are also a safer way to get to class from your dorm if you have night classes. The best part of the campus shuttles are the price: Free in most cases! As a recent graduate I know how much college students love “free”.

You can also check if your school partnered with the city to create additional shuttle services. When available, these are great for getting students to and from part-time jobs or weekend outings.

Public Transportation

Based on your location the variety of public transportation may vary, but for the most part everyone can get a hold of public bus. In other cases, cities can offer trains, light rails, etc. Public transportation provides students with the option to wander the city and see the local attractions. To get a full college experience you should have the option to enjoy yourself outside school.

Depending on what frequency you plan to use public transportation, you can pay either per trip or for year-long passes. To cut costs, ask if the city issues a student discount or if you can buy a pass for the duration of the school year instead of the full year.

Car Share

For those of you who find yourself in need of an actual vehicle, try out car share! Maybe you want to take a weekend drive to a near attraction or you have a full day of errands. Whatever the reason may be, car share can help. The process for getting a uhaulcarshare is super simple and guaranteed to have you driving off in no time!

So, don’t stress about not having a car while in college. In the end you’ll save yourself money by using alternative transportation methods.

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What advice do you have for college students without cars? Leave your tips and comments below.