Moving with Stairs

Moving with StairsThe thought of dragging furniture up a flight of stairs into your first apartment on the second floor or a 2-story house can be discouraging for some DIY movers. Not to mention it can be a backache for some if not done properly. Have no fear, here are tips on you can make moving with stairs easier.

Remove the Excess

Make your load lighter by removing the excess from the furniture piece. This would include cushions, drawers, etc. If the furniture is composed out of more than one section, take them apart and take each up individually. Save yourself the extra work!

Protect Your Furniture

When moving you stuff, you are always running the risk of scratching your items or getting them dirty. Before moving up the stairs, cover your couch with a furniture pad, mattress with a mattress bag and your plasma with a tv cover. Don’t run the risk of ruining your flat screen!

Be Able to Pivot

Before you begin moving that couch up those two flights of stairs make sure you will be able to pivot around the corner. Measure the dimensions of the piece of furniture you will be moving and be sure they fit the dimensions of the staircase. You don’t want to end up like Ross and his friends in the video below.

Use Tools

When moving your furniture up the stairs with your moving buddy you will need a few tools to make this transition easier.  Use forearm forklift moving straps with your moving buddy to move your mattress up the stairs with ease. Appliance dollies are also great to rent when moving with stairs; they are easy to roll up and down stairs.

Moving with StairsSimply Ask for Help

If you are moving by yourself or just rather skip out on moving furniture up flights of stairs make sure to hire Moving Help to do it for you. Moving Help can help cut how long it will take you to move. It can take up to an extra 1 hour for every flight of stairs. Be sure to help them out by directing them to where you would like everything to be placed.

Remember to never put yourself or someone else in harms way.  Make sure you watch where your toes and fingers are at all times; you don’t want the couch to come down on your pinky. Also remember to communicate to your moving buddies on your progress and if you feel uncomfortable about something you are doing. Know your limits when moving furniture up stairs!

Do you have any tips for people moving into a place with stairs? Share in the comments below!