Moving with a Toddler

moving with a toddler

Moving day usually means a lot of moving parts and coordination on your part. Who is picking up the moving truck? Is everything labeled correctly? Are we loading the truck correctly? There are lots of things to think about; if you have a toddler running around, it could get a little too hectic. However, just because you have a little one, doesn’t mean you can’t have a smooth moving day. Plan ahead and your day will be a breeze! Here are some tips for moving with a toddler:

Include Them in the Process

A lot of times your toddler will want to help and you can’t blame them! They see a lot of exciting things going on and they want to be part of the process. Set aside a couple of things for them to pack for themselves. Maybe let them pack their own toy box or help pack pillows. Giving them simple tasks will help them feel part of the day and will keep them busy.

Don’t Pack Everything

If helping doesn’t interest them (or they’ve just lost interest) be sure to leave some of their favorite toys or games out for them. Once they get tired of packing pillows they will want to play with something and if you aren’t prepared, it could mean they are unpacking boxes you’ve already packed! Giving them an activity they enjoy while the moving goes on will keep them busy and out of harm’s way.

Get Some Help

At the end of the day, you can only keep a toddler entertained for so long when you have other things on your mind. If you have family that can help out, maybe they can watch the child during part of the day, or you could find a babysitter. Can’t find anyone to watch them? You can watch them yourself and get Moving Help® to get the moving job done! Let them do the heavy lifting while you make moving memories with your little one!

Do you have a tip for moving with a toddler? Let us know in the comments below!