How to Protect Your Plants in the Winter

How To Protect Your Plants in the Winter
While some of us may enjoy the colder temperatures, our plants don’t necessarily agree.  If you want your plants to survive the winter season, use some of these neat tips meant to help protect your plants from winter temperatures.

Cover your Plants

When you’re covering your plants it’s important to keep in mind a couple of things. You can cover with plants with burlap to protect them from winter temperatures, but be sure the burlap isn’t too snug as you need to allow enough room for the plants breathe.

While you can keep the burlap on for the duration of the season, you can also choose to cover some plants with furniture pads. These pads are the same material as the ones that you’d rent for a move! If you’re using these, only do so at night when the temperatures are even more frigid. During the day you should remove the pads as this is a heavier material.

Cover the Pots

If you have potted plants you have the advantage of being able to either move them or cover the pot. Covering the sides of the pot with Enviro-Bubble® will help your plant maintain warmer temperatures. You can secure the bubble wrap with some twine and you’re set!

How To Protect Your Plants From Winter TemperaturesInsulate you Greenhouse

Insulating your greenhouse with Enviro-Bubble® ensures that light will continue to come in but will hold off some of the colder temperatures. Tape the bubble wrap on the walls of the greenhouse from the mid-point down. When you do this in conjunction with setting a heater you have better results.

Water Plants Well Before Freezing Temperatures

This one might seem like a given, but it’s worth mentioning. With freezing temperatures the ground will also freeze meaning no moisture for your plants. Be aware of night time temperatures and make sure your plants are getting the water they need.

How do you protect your plants from winter temperatures? Share your tips in the comments!