Moving to Las Vegas

Las Vegas SkylineIf you have ever been, then you’ve probably thought about moving to Las Vegas, also known as Sin City. One of the most recognized skylines in the world happens to be the Las Vegas Strip. The Vegas Strip is a several mile stretch along Las Vegas boulevard featuring some of the most grandiose hotels and casinos in the world. Vegas is one of the most unique cities in the world; allowing anyone to live out their most wild adventures.

The Strip

“The Strip” is where most of the nightlife, entertainment, casinos, etc are, but that doesn’t mean this is where you may call home. Most people live in great suburbs like Summerlin, Henderson, and North Las Vegas that are a little less glitz and glam. Be sure to check out each area and which works best for your lifestyle and your morning commute. Be mindful of rush hour traffic along the 15!


Traffic around The Strip can be very aggravating in a small car let alone a 20 foot moving truck! As you head into town, your first inclination may be to view the sights and sounds The Strip has to offer, but avoid this area until you are finished unloading the truck. If you do plan on a show or gambling – plan ahead and remember to always wear your seat belt.


Locals get discounts! Many places love locals and wish to keep them as a customer – not these tourists that fly in one night and gone the next. Keep an eye out for places that offer discount and take note. Always ask for the discount even if you don’t see the sign.


Vegas is in the desert – it can be quite warm during the day and have quite the chill in the air by night. Las Vegas is a windy town, you may want to leave the windbreaker toward the front of your storage when you get into town. Vegas has recorded temperatures as high as 120 degrees in the summer months and 40-50 for highs in the winter months- So be ready for that dry heat and cool winters!

Have you ever thought of moving to Fabulous Las Vegas? Tell me below if you have