How to Tow a Hot Rod on an Auto Transport

How to Tow a Hot Rod on an Auto Transport

Whether you need to move it across town or across the country, personally towing your hot rod, classic roadster or next project car is not only more cost efficient, but it gives you complete control. Follow these easy tips to successfully tow a hot rod.

1. Rent an Auto Transport or Car Trailer

Auto transports and tow dollies are both trailers used for towing vehicles. However, when towing a vehicle as special as a hot rod, it’s recommended to use an auto transport.

2. Verify Towing Capacity

Before you load any vehicle onto an auto transport, it’s important you’ve verified the towing vehicle has the capacity of towing both the auto transport and the hot rod. You can verify your towing capacity online prior to renting your car trailer. The verification will require the year, make and model of the vehicle you are towing. Entering in all your hot rod’s specs will give you the peace of mind that the towing combination is good to go!

3. Load the Hot Rod

Pay careful attention to the ground clearance if your hot rod has a lower profile or added effects. If the vehicle ground clearance is low, you might need to use one of these loading hacks:

  • Find a loading spot that lets you position the ends of the loading ramps on a curb. Loading from the curb height will flatten out the incline onto the trailer.
  • Place long 2×8 boards under the ends of the auto transport’s ramps. Then you can drive from the boards onto the ramps, giving your hot rod a much friendlier approach angle.

If you needed the extra ground clearance for driving your vehicle up the ramps, you will probably need to also plan for clearance at the front of the trailer. Placing some 18” long 2×8 boards in the trailer’s tire buckets will boost the front lip of the car over the tire stops. Read more about towing low ground clearance vehicles here.

Tow a Hot Rod3. Securing the Hot Rod

To secure the hot rod to the auto transport you must first position the trailer’s tire straps around the front tires. Once the straps are around your tires and fed through the ratchet slot, there should be at least six inches of strap available to ratchet tight. If your vehicle’s tires are too big for the straps that come with the auto transport, you will need alternative tie-downs.

You will also need to attach the security chains found at the front and rear of the auto transport. Secure these to the frame of the hot rod, avoiding any hoses or brake lines. These chains are there for added protection and they should not be too tight around the frame of the hot rod. Leave ample space to allow it to move as you drive over bumps on the road.

For an in depth look at how to load a car onto an auto transport, review this blog post.

Do you have any advice or tips for towing a hot rod? Share in the comments below.