The Five Coolest Hitch Covers

You’ve had a hitch installed on your vehicle and enjoyed many trips with the ability to haul your gear behind you on your travels. In between your adventures it is important to keep your hitch protected. So how do you do that? The answer is simple: Get a hitch cover. Although it may seem like an added expense, a hitch cover can extend the life of your hitch and protect it from the elements, which can lead to rust or water damage. Another reason to use a hitch cover is to bring some personality to your vehicle! From sports teams to favorite activities, there are a lot of different options when it comes to hitch covers. Check out my top five coolest hitch covers below.

Coolest Hitch Covers - NFL1.  Go team!

Who needs a bumper sticker when you can show your support for your favorite sports team with your hitch cover?! Whether you have a favorite football team or you’re a die-hard baseball fan, you can find a hitch cover that shows your loyalty.

2. Express yourself

Some of the coolest hitch covers are the ones that truly express your personality and interests. Check out these novelty hitch covers and find one that suites you!

3. Animal lover

If you are a dog lover like me, be sure to pick up this hitch cover. Show your love for your furry friends. There are lots of options to pick from!

Coolest Hitch Cover4. We salute you

Show your support for our troops with these military hitch covers! These hitch covers are corrosion resistant and fade resistant and allow you to clearly display your pride in the armed forces.

5. Be unique

One of the coolest hitch covers available is the propeller LED hitch cover. Why not show off your fun side and generate some attention with this unique addition to your vehicle?

Which of these hitch covers would you use on your vehicle? What is the coolest hitch cover you have seen? Let us know in the Comments Section below!