Tips For Moving in the Rain

Tips For Moving in The RainSometimes moving in the rain just can’t be helped. It may not be as “ironic” as rain on your wedding day, but rain on your moving day can be just as much of a hassle. The best way to fix this problem is your super-villain weather control ray, but short of that, these tips should help you to stay dry.

Before Moving in The Rain

It is a good tip for all moves, but particularly if it looks like you are going to have to move in the rain, be sure that you are all packed up and ready to go beforehand. That way, when the truck pulls up you don’t have to worry about anything else and you can just start loading as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some other things you can do beforehand:

  • Choose your boxes carefuly! Companies, like U-Haul use boxes that are more weather (rain/humidity) resistant than others.
  • Have your boxes labeled so that there is little confusion when you are unloading.
  • Make sure you have areas ready within your new home where your items can be quickly set down.
  • Use door mats, one by the door can keep your floors dry and mud free, one near the U-Haul truck to keep the ramp from becoming muddy and slick.
  • Place some towels near the doors so that you can dry yourselves or any items that got wet.

What to Wear

This is pretty obvious, but wear the right clothes. When you are moving a sofa or boxes, you probably don’t have a third arm to hold an umbrella. Here are some items you will want:

  • A rain jacket, even better if it has a hood
  • A broad brimmed hat to keep the rain out of your eyes
  • Boots or shoes with a good tread to keep you from slipping

Check this out for more tips on what to wear for your move.U-Haul Trailer Moving in the Rain


Protect Your Stuff

Just as important as making sure you stay dry when moving in the rain is making sure that your stuff stays dry.

  • Buy tarps. They are cheap and can be used to cover your items.
  • For artwork use picture boxes to keep them from getting wet.
  • With Electronics you can wrap them with Mover’s Wrap before placing them in boxes.
  • Use mattress bags to keep your mattress dry.
  • Don’t set things on the ground outside where moisture may be able to seep in.

Truck Moving in the RainUse Caution

If you are moving in the rain you want to be extra careful while driving your moving truck. Take things slow. Brake early. Never drive in flooded areas. When you are loading or unloading the truck watch out for slippery ground. You might need to try to dry certain areas by sweeping away excess water or using an old towel, or look for a different route. If there is extreme wind or lighting, you may just have to try to wait it out for a while.

You can’t control the weather and you don’t always have a choice of when you can move, but with these tips hopefully you and your items can stay as dry as possible during your move.

Have you had to move while it was raining? Give us your tips for keeping everything dry in the comments below.