#Uhaulfamous Love Stories

Everyone has their own moving story…whether you made that cross-country journey on your own or you moved with loved ones. What is the best way to document your adventure? By taking a picture, of course! Many couples have celebrated their move and told their love stories by submitting their moving pictures to U‑Haul where they’ve become #uhaulfamous. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, check out some of our favorite #uhaulfamous love stories below!

This couple shared their move in the #uhaulfamous campaign as they moved to Oregon.Show your silly side

These lovebirds showed their fun side as they towed their trailer on their move to Oregon. Sixteen hours on the road, you have to do something to keep yourself entertained, right?

#uhaulfamous love stories - The long haulThe long haul

This boyfriend and girlfriend moving team stopped to pose as they completed their 18-hour drive. This couple took their U-Haul moving truck from Cypress, Texas, to Durham, North Carolina. Talk about a long trip! Glad they were able to keep each other company.

#uhaulfamous love stories - sharing a smoochSharing a smooch

This couple shared a kiss on their moving day. Moving day can be stressful, but taking the time to stop and enjoy the process is important! Not only did they become #uhaulfamous, but their dog did too! Moving with a pet is not easy. Check out our tips for moving with pets here.

Rea#uhaulfamous love storiesdy for work

This happy couple is all smiles as they take the leap from school into the working world! They loaded up their moving boxes, packed up their moving truck and transitioned into their new internships. Good luck lovebirds!

#uhaulfamous love stories - the newlywedsThe newlyweds

Congratulations to these two newlyweds! They made their first move as husband and wife from Valdosta, Georgia to Atlanta. What a great way to start their married life with a new adventure!

Did you submit a photo of you and your loved one to the #uhaulfamous campaign? Share your love stories with us in the Comments Section below!