Making the Most of Your Spring Break

549206_1986063069145_1258899744_nHow do you plan to spend your spring break? If you’re in college maybe you’re debating the hottest destinations or if your a parent you’re trying to figure out how to keep the kids busy. Regardless of your situation, you have options. A week off your regular schedule can be very well spent. Keep reading for some ideas on how to make the most of your spring break.


Get away from your regular surroundings are take a trip! During college I enjoyed travelling to warmer weather during spring break. You can choose to head down south for the classic Mexican spring break or you can visit a beach town near you. This time of the year Los Angeles, San Diego and Miami have great weather and plenty of attractions to visit. You can take this quiz to determine what’s the best spring break destination for you.

Day Trip

Not everyone has the luxury to take a vacation during spring break, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Taking a day trip is great alternative to taking a vacation. Grab a couple of your friends and take a trip to a nearby attraction. Many large cities are surrounded by smaller, quirkier town busting with personality.

Spring Cleaning

What better time than now to go through all of your junk! Use some of your newly acquired time-off to go through your closet. Begin to pull out everything you no longer wear and set it aside to donate. If you have the option to take out your heavy coats, do so; otherwise, place them in a space bag for easy storage. Trust me, by the time you’re done with your closet you’ll feel accomplished and want to continue the cleaning spree. As you keep cleaning you might notice there are some things you can’t quite part ways with, but you also don’t need them around for everyday use. In this case, consider renting a storage unit.

Making the Most of Your Spring BreakCraft Day

Get your Pinterest on during this break and make some of the crafts you’ve been pinning for months. This is a easy and fun activity that kids can get involved in. If you’re low on inspiration check out some of the DIY project we’ve featured on our blog. We show you how to use bubble wrap for games and how to turn cardboard into anything from a shelf to a lemonade stand.

Regardless of how you decide to spend your time, I hope you enjoy it!

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Let me know what you plan do to this spring break in the comments below.