Moving to San Antonio

Moving to San Antonio

There are many reasons to move to San Antonio, TX, also known as “The Alamo City”. But before renting and packing up that moving truck to get started on your move, here are a few other things to think about.

Where to Move

There are fourteen neighborhoods and thirty-one universities and colleges in the city. If you have a job set up before your move, be sure to get a good idea of commute times so you can choose an area to live with your ideal commute in mind.


San Antonio is commonly known as “the place where the sunshine spends the winter” because of its clear or only partly cloudy skies more than half the year. The temperature is lower than freezing on average of about 20 days during the winter. Annual rainfall is around 28 inches, with May and September seeing most. Summers are warm, with an average of 111 days per year reaching 90 degrees or higher. If you’re storing delicate items, you might look into climate controlled storage. You can find San Antonio storage tips here.

When to Move

Since it can get up and over 100 degrees during the summertime, it might be best to plan a move in the cooler months, November – March. You’ll want to avoid moving in April if possible, as this is the month with the city’s annual 10-day Fiesta festival. You should check with the City for any other festivals/events to avoid traffic jams and delays.


San Antonio has a robust economy, with a 3.7% rate of unemployment in March 2015, compared with the national 6.8% rate. The city has seen solid economic growth in the bio-science, healthcare, aerospace, financial services, government and military, green technologies, transportation and logistics, and IT and cybersecurity industries.

Culture and History

Remember the cry, “Remember the Alamo!”? That famous Alamo was the first mission founded in 1718, in San Antonio, and served as a way station between east Texas and Mexico. It became inspiration and motivation for liberty during the Texas Revolution. There are many activities to explore in SA, from the San Antonio River Walk to historic sites and landmarks. San Antonio is home to the San Antonio Spurs, is known for its rodeos and cowboy culture, and its support of the military. Whatever your reason for moving to San Antonio, you’re sure to find happiness in its culture-rich, economically sound environment.

What else is helpful to know about moving to San Antonio? Do you already live there? What tips do you have? Let us know in the comments below.