Photos To Take During Your Move

Moving means making memories. Whether you are moving into your first apartment with college roommates or moving across the country newly-married, this is monumental moment in your life. You are beginning a new chapter. So just like any other cherishable moment in your life you need to make sure to photograph it. There are so many places you can take moving day pictures from inside your moving truck or inside your new home. Here is a list of photos to take during your move:

The Scenic

Make sure to capture the beautiful scenic view on your roadtrip.


The Lazy Pet on Moving Day

Let’s be honest, your pets are going to be chilling while you are doing the heavy lifting…


The Master Yogi

Take a break from your long roadtrip and stretch it out. Make sure to take a picture of your tree-pose while you are at it!


The Happily in Love

Newly-married lovebirds on the way to your new home? Capture the love.


The Squad

What’s move without your squad to help you have a good time? Take a picture of all your grins!


The Family Gets Down

Capture how funky your family is even during moving day.


The Classic Selfie

Good looks, check. Good backdrop, check. Perfect moving day classic selfie.


Do you have pictures form during your road trip or moving day? Make sure to submit your them here!