Get Involved Series – Couple in a New City

Learn ways to get involved in a new city as a coupleYou and your significant other have returned the moving truck and put away the last dish.  As much as you love them, there is only so much time you can spend just the two of you.  As a couple in a new city there are a lot of ways to get involved in your community!  Check out the ideas below and become a power couple in your new city!

Meet Your Neighbors

Location is everything when you move!  Make sure to pick the community in your new city that fits your personality!  Meeting the neighbors will help you fit in really quickly.

Get a Dog

A dog makes it easy to have a conversation with people you do not know and encourages people to talk to both of you while on walks.  The bonus is a dog will fill any lonely moments you will both have when adjusting.

Yard Sale

You have probably found things that do not match or fit in your new place.  Earn some money and meet new people by holding a yard sale.

Get to Know Your Community

  • Check the community calendar for dance, new language or fitness classes that you will enjoy doing together.
  • Play a team sport together and meet other couples. (kickball, softball, soccer or dodgeball)
  • Participate in one of the city races or challenges.  You usually work in teams and have fun getting to know the city while you meet new people.
  • Become a tourist with a walking or photo tour.

Couples Meetups

Join Meetup groups for couples where you can meet other couples doing things you both already love doing.


If you are passionate about giving back, find something you both like and volunteer to make things better.  (mentoring, food banks, etc)

Moving to a new city with a significant other can be a rewarding adventure, but thriving in the new city will feel like the ultimate prize.  Remember that it is also important to do some things on your own.  Check Single in a New City for ideas on how to get involved in your new city on your own.  Moving with kids?  Read these tips here.  What has helped you to get involved in your new city?


Flickr: Vincent Diamante / via cc